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SOLD BOSS OC3 Octave Pedal, Wee Lush FX Shoegaze Looper,

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IMG_20190709_181759__01.thumb.jpg.6c01dd847df3b1f63854c52674ff4fd3.jpgimageproxy.php?img=&key=4b3806f48250f55aIMG_20190709_182018__01.thumb.jpg.e8f1df7454e9973dad7056f3f6efa049.jpgI have a couple of pedals for sale...

A Boss OC-3, lightly used. Where my obsession with Octave effects started. I have a lot of love for this pedal - it's worth it for the Poly Mode alone in my eyes, it gives a really creamy, warm Octave sound which is why I've held on to it for so long...but, a boss SY-1 is now calling me so something has to go! £75 + postage.

I also have a Wee Lush Shoegaze Looper for sale aswell! A pedal which is a turbocharger for your other pedals. Whatever is in the loop feeds back into itself using the on/off or momentary function. Great for creating fuzz swells or just straight up insanity. You can get some really trippy effects by using it with a modulation pedal, amongst others. £35 + postage.

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