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    • By foya
      Bass made in 2007 
      upgraded with Emg active pickup and Emg wiring (vol, tone for each pickup) 
      the MM pickup is switchable to single coils.
      body is made of ash and maple figured top.. ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard.
      the bass sound great and the playability is stunning.
      this is a player bass with a lot of dings made by the owner before me, but nothing affect the sound and playability.
      More pics on request

    • By nige1968
      More pics AYMBA, before the Rockbass thing, Warwick produced these entry-level passive Streamers in Germany. This one is the 5-string, 2-pickup model, built in September 2000. The body is carolena (pine, apparently) and the neck is ovangkol. Natural oil finish and one-piece bridge. Sounds very nice too, though the output seems a bit quieter than most basses -- I understand that's down to the pots used on this model, but haven't got around to replacing them. Proper solid chunky wood, hence 4.2kg / 9.26lb. Comes in a Warwick gig bag ('proudly made with RokTex©'). Some wear and tear to the body if you look closely. Strung low E to high C.
      Sorry, no overseas postage. Sensible offers entertained. Not keen to post, but might.
    • By Slug Ice
      Can post any item at buyers expense. Thanks for looking!
      EBS Microbass 3 - £280
      Brand new with box, instructions and power supply. Brief home use only. 
      Darkglass Microtubes Vintage - £120
      #763. With box. 
      Boss Bass Driver BB1X - £100
      With box. 
      Boss FBM1 - £90
      Fender Bassman sounds in a pedal-sized format. With box. 
      Fuzzrocious Demon - £110
      Second gated boost footswitch and HPF/LPF switch. 
      Will update post properly when I get a minute.
    • By Muppet
      Bought recently on here and is in perfect condition with box, but it's just not my thing I'm afraid. Itch scratched! Postage included, no trades, thanks. 

    • By nige1968
      More pics The only bass I ever owned that paid for itself via gigging. I bought it new from Denmark Street in 2003 and it was my only bass for about 5 years. It has some minor wear and tear but has been regularly waxed and well looked after.
      At one point I had Martin at the Bass Gallery put mother-of-pearl dots in the fingerboard at my, ahem, 'difficult' places. Later thought better of it, so had Bernie at GB Guitars replace them with black plastic dots which are only visible in the right light. All top quality workmanship but hence the bargain price.
      Ebony board on ovangkol bolt-on neck. Ash body with flame maple front. Three-band EQ with push-pull pot to engage passive mode. Gold hardware, side dots to mark 'fret' positions. A stonking solid bit of wooden loveliness weighing 4kg (8.82lb). Cuts through the mix like a big rusty carving knife of music. Also goes mwah.
      Comes in a tough Warwick gig bag, though sadly not the original velvety-lined one (the cat found that and weeed on it).
      Don't think you can get these now unless you pay Custom Shop prices with your puny English pounds.
      Sorry, no overseas sales. I'm not mad keen to post but might be persuadable. Sensible offers may be entertained.
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