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Markbass Cab 104HF

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Always in pursuit of certain tones... I've definitley racked up too many of these along the way.

The 2x10 and 1x15 go on top of each other to make a great sounding stack. 4x10 was my personal favourite, real sweet on its own. Cash or trades considered, I'm based in Egham 5 min off M25, J13. I also travel around the UK quite a bit for gigs so worth an ask if you're not London-ish.

Trade wise, mostly thinking basses. A nice fretless, Fender five strings, a Music Man or something with a juicy neck pickup.

104HF -£450   £400 £350

In good shape with a roqsolid cover. Bought from new, noticed the tweeter doesn't work but never bothered to send it back as I always liked how this one sounded- all 4x10 speakers and cab is in great shape. I put a black speaker cloth in front of the grill to mask the orange cones, can easily be removed. 4 ohms, Made in Indonesia.


102HF - £300

In good shape, everything works and sounds just as it should. 8 ohms, Made in Italy.


151P - £320

Traveller cab, very close to new shape. Barely been used. 8 ohms, Made in Indonesia.

Would sell the 2x10 and 1x15 together for £580




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4x10 now down to £350, would like to sell before I leave for the month in August if anyone is interested!

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    • By OriginalGBass
      £799 ono May part ex Markbass 2x10 or 2x12 plus cash my way.
      For sale is my unused, Markbass 152 SH (Stu Hamm) 2x15 bass cab, complete with brand new Roqsolid padded cover, with extra bottom covering and fastening. 
      Bought just before lockdown hit, literally plugged in to hear it work then put it all away for storage until its first gig... we all know what happened then don't we! Hence it is as it left the factory, and went straight into its custom padded cover. These were only made in a short run, as was the original classic version, that I pined over for a long time. Now discontinued again I have likely one of the few mint ones still in existence. Bought from Richtone Music website for £1062.00, i'm now in a position where I have to sell some gear, particularly as there is no touring work in the calendar, and am willing to let it all go for £799.00 inc. the padded cover which is £80 on its own. 
      Its is nothing short of a bargain, but needs must right now. If you want to come hear it I can move it between Bradford and Lincolnshire if that makes it any easier for the prospective buyer, can bring my head too, but probably best you hear it with your own. First to try is gonna buy it I know it!
      I'm a trusted seller on here, and I look after all my gear very well. If you have any questions please get in touch, i'm not looking to post this, unless the buyer pays for it of course.
      Specs below:
      Two 15s are the right choice if you want to move a lot of air. It's a fantastic solution for rock and pop but this cabinet gives the old-school a solid upgrade. The sound is deep and warm but its great clarity, definition and incredible fast attack make it suitable for any kind of genre and technique. Just listen to Stu slap tone coming from it and you'll change your mind about 15" speakers.
      BEATING THE 2X15" COMPETITORS: There are not many 2x15" cabs on the market, partly because of the typical 15" drivers lack of definition limiting their range of application. But with the CLASSIC 152 SH, this configuration is now an available choice for a wider population of bass players, not only rock-reggae-dub bassists but even for slap lovers. Not for nothing, Stu has chosen this speaker configuration for his complex and articulate technique. 1" COMPRESSION DRIVER WITH CUSTOM HORN: If you turn off the tweeter level control you’ll get an astounding vintage, 60s/70s sound, or just turn it on to extend the high end of the frequency response from 5KHz to 20KHz adding a modern high-end sheen to your sound! WEIGHT/POWER RATIO: The lightness and power of this cabinet put it in a new league compared to the 2x15" cabinets of the past, which tended to be way heavier and lacking in power, making them unpractical. With 72.75lbs/33kg and reasonable dimensions, transportation is a breeze. And 800W of power handling makes it suitable for any big rock stage. Specifications
      SPEAKER SIZE: 2x15" TWEETER: 1" COMPRESSION DRIVER CAB Power Handling (AES Standard): 800W RMS CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50 Hz to 20 kHz SENSITIVITY: 103 dB SPL IMPEDANCE: 4O REFLEX: REAR DIMENSIONS: 23.38"/59,4cm | 18.89"/48cm | 34.17"/86,8cm WEIGHT: 72.75lbs/33kg  
      Kind Regards 

    • By Phil_bassman
      Hello People

      I need help on choosing my next bass amp. I have previously posted about my Trace Elliot SMX GP12 having problems on this forum, well after three fixes and back and fourth to an amp tech. The amp gave out again today at band practise. So now as much as I love the amp and the sound it gives me, i think it's time to let go and move on. Only problem is I'm not sure which amp or manufacture to go with and where its not going to be burning a hole (too much) in my pocket.

      I need an amp that gives me a punchy bass and treble sound that I got from the Trace Elliot Pre Shape, my sound is a mix between Mark King and Marcus Miller. Bass with enough punch and treble so you can hear every string being hit.

      Few things i will miss from the Trace is the Graphic EQ, built in compression and the EQ balance mix. The EQ balance mix is such a great tool for when cutting through certain frequencies more when you are playing venues with not so great acoustics. So if theres any amps out there that people have had experience with which would give me the same qualities as my Trace Elliott than any suggestions would be most appreciated.
    • By Deedee
      Italian made MarkBass Little Mark III in very good condition. Taken recently in a trade but surplus to requirements at the moment. No original box or bag I’m afraid.
      Collection/meet up preferred but will ship to GB at buyers expense. £250 collected / £260 shipped to GB.
      Only trade I'd be interested in would involve a Tecamp Puma.  A 900 or an original (4/8ohm) Puma 1000

    • By dodge_bass
      Doing a bit of a clear out of stuff I don't use any more - all priced to sell. Add £5 for P&P
      MXR Bass comp - taken as part of a trade so not needed - £90 (with box but no instructions)
      Markbass Compressore (tube) - just not for me - £90 (no box but will be well packed)
      Empress compressor - £SOLD
      Dave Hall Valve pre DI - no longer being made - £SOLD
      Trades - looking for a chorus pedal / flanger or 8ve pedals.
      Drop me a PM - I can get these packed up and sent off very quickly.

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