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Looking for a bassist based in the Harrogate/Leeds area. Needs to be able to play fast, heavy and generally nasty as flip. We've got links on the ad so you can see what we sound like, in a nutshell its somewhere between metal/hardcore and bits of extreme metal! If you fit the bill hit us up!




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    • By greghagger
      New video lesson out. 
      If you want to play rhythms accurately and play with good time and feel, you need to understand how to subdivide the beat. 
      In the video I explain note values, how to break rhythms down and how counting 8th notes can help. 
      There is also a link below the video so you can check out the rhythm lesson in my Reading Music Video Course for free!
    • By greghagger
      After hearing about the passing of Rocco Prestia, I had a night of playing his awesome bass lines. 
      He has such a unique sound which I found pretty hard to get near. 
      But all I same, I have pick five of his bass lines and made a lesson.  There are so many classics to choose from, but these are my particular favourites. 
      Hope you like them. 
    • By andytoad
      Now this is the kind of unique that I like! 
      But at over 10lbs in weight...orf! I don't think I could gig with it using my feeble middle aged shoulders!
      I love the look and specs though...
    • By olicor
      Hello everyone ! I just received my new cort GB74 JH and i should celebrate but unfortunately this bass is really heavy ! 4.96 kg !!! for a 4 it s really heavy !  I don t know how it is possible but i saw a corean review of the exact same bass where it s weighed at 3.78. I ve got a bad back (hernia) and it has to go back. here are two links. the first one is the corean review where you can see at 3'50'' the bass weighed at 3.78, and the second one is me wheighing the exact same bass (black for mine) at almost 5kg !!! my scale is working fine cause i wheighed my active jazz at 3.9 kg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlGcr-kzp8o&t=252s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIA3ZgmsJWM How such a difference can be ? are the reviewed bass "selected" to increase sales ? Is it a valid reason to ask for a return and money back (the seller didn t mentionned the wheight) ? i emailed cort and i m waiting for a reply. Do you think that it s acceptable for a brand to sell such heavy basses and with such weight disparity ? thanks  
    • By greghagger
      Hi, just letting you know about a new video from Greg’s Bass Shed - Learn Five Essential Bass Rhythms. 
      These five rhythms appear time and time again in bass lines from many styles of music, including Rock, Pop, Blues, and Jazz. 
      Find out out what these rhythms are, and also how to read them. 
      Free PDF with the video which includes the five rhythms and also information to help you read. 
      This video is suitable for beginner to intermediate players and any others looking to learn to read rhythms.
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