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Eden N115RS Bass Cab £175

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Eden Nemesis N115RS for sale 
250 Watts at 8ohms

Speakers 1-ES 1560
Tweeter T2004
Crossover 3kHz at 12dB
Power Handling 250 Watts RMS
Freq. Response 38hz - 18khz
Sensitivity 100dB [email protected]
Dimensions 24.75"w x 17.25"h x 16.25" d

Excellent condition as only gigged a handful of times! Allows you to get low and provide a nice warm tone. Ideal when twinned with 2x10 cab!

Light, compact, powerful, and great sounding, loaded with a 15" Custom Nemesis speaker and a titanium-diaphragm horn.

Collection only. South London (Bromley)


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    • By DarylClayton
      Fantastic, compact and so light you can lug it with one hand.
      This is a great 15' cab. It goes well with another 15, 2x10 or 4x10. 8ohms and handles 400 watts. I have been using it with an SL410 and is a match made in bass heaven. I am selling as I have decided I am better off with a smaller set up.
      It also works great on its own for smaller gigs.
      The condition is very good. I have had it and gigged it regularly since buying it new in January, but it has been well looked after.
      I am also selling an SL410 cab and DB751 amp which go perfectly with this. Perfect for anyone who wants to take on any size stage or venue with ease.
      My feedback is here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/298215-feedback-for-darylclayton/?tab=comments#comment-3211013
      I have the original packaging so can ship no worries.

    • By DarylClayton
      Compact and very light 4x10. Works great on its own, but really shines when paired with a 15 or additional 410.
      I have been using it with a DB751 on its own and with a 15 and the cab really does pack a punch, providing plenty of low end as well as definition for the mids and clarity for the top end.
      I am also selling an SL115 cab and DB751 amp which go perfectly with this. Perfect for anyone who wants to take on any size stage or venue with ease.
      I am only selling as I would prefer a smaller set up.
      Condition is very good. Minor scuffs on the chrome corners.

    • By davidlovellbass
      Hello and thanks for looking at this post.
      What we have here is an Eden VT300a in all its valve loveliness.
      Under the hood is housed 6 fresh premium 6550s by TAD, these can be switched out for EL34s to drop the power from 300 to 200 watts.
      For a breakdown of the controls here’s a link to the manual.
      Included is the optional foot switch. It’s not necessary for operation but helps.
      The weight is around 25kg which includes the case.
      Collection is preferred, meeting up half way, within reasonable distance is also possible for fuel money. I would also  courier at cost.
      Trades I’d be interested in include American P basses, Warwick Streamers, Behringer x32s, Lakland 5502, Decade or P basses, Avalon U5 plus cash, Barefaced Two10 or 2 One10s plus cash

    • By Merton
      For sale: Eden WT405
      £250 collected, or £265 couriered to UK mainland
      I bought this earlier this year - and promptly ruined any chance of succeeding with the 2019 gear abstinence challenge - with a view to it being a different flavour amp from my various Ashdowns. I’ve had Eden before and decided I needed another in my life, but to be brutally honest I don’t have enough gigs to warrant four amps and, whilst this is a bloody glorious bit of gear, I prefer the Ashdown stuff. So this should go again.
      It’s in good nick for its age (it has clearly been well looked after by the previous BC owners!) and comes with rack ears and a gig bag. The only things to mention are the gain clip LED never seems to light up and the bass and treble boost lights don’t work either. It has a few small superficial scratches and nicks in the chassis but nothing major at all for a 15 year old amp. Other than that it’s stonking and if I could justify keeping it purely for home use with headphone, I would, but that’s a waste of its talents.
      No trades please.

    • By Shepster8316
      Ashdown RM-110, 250w, 8ohm, 1x10" bass cab.
      In great condition, as it was only used indoors with a small Trace head.
      Price includes UK postage 🙂 

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