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German double bass, Paesold 590P

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Offered for sale, a beautiful, handmade double bass. 

It is a standard 3/4 size instrument made by the German company Paesold. It is one of their “student” instruments but is still made with the quality and expertise you would expect from a quality German instrument maker. Unfortunately it just does not get enough love in our house as I normally play the electric bass in bands or my guitar! 

It is a laminated tone wood instrument so you’ll get a great sound but also durability and consistency from the instrument. It has excellent quality orchestral strings...I’m afraid I don’t know what type specifically as they have been on the instrument since I bought it. 

Included with the bass are a french style bow and a soft case. It is about 22 years old and has seen a few gigs so there are a few knocks and scrapes as you might expect, shown in the pictures, but it has been maintained by a luthier so the sound and playability have not been compromised.

I believe it is worth in the region of £1200 but obviously that is open to negotiation.

If you would like to come and have a look please do ask and if you have any questions please get in touch! More pictures and information can be provided if you wish also. 




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Forgot to say! Location is Exeter but I’ll drive to meet people...say, 50 miles?

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