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All prices include UK shipping, cash is king and can't entertain trades unfortunately.


Iommisknob - £120

Barely used one off treble booster with a cool etch job I won in a charity draw by Dunwich Amps (he is NOT the builder however, it may be Magic Pedals or someone similar but I've honestly forgotten in the mists of time). Ludicrously bright LED. Probably bound for reverb/fleabay but listed anyway.


Dwarftcraft HAX - £100 

OOP ring modulator, has frequency, voltage starve and clean blend controls. Footswitches are on/off and another to switch between high and low freqs. As with a lot of ring mods there is a little carrier bleed with can be mostly avoided by having the starve in the right place but I'd still have it in an effects loop.


3leaf PWNZOR - £150

Also OOP, would rather not part with this but I'm not getting much play time with uni. Ovnilabs review is here: (http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/pwnzor.shtml)

Ungigged and in fine condition.


DOD Bass Stereo Flanger - £50

Old but gold, selling cause I have another flanger and having two seems daft. Perhaps most importantly comes with an adaptor for a standard centre negative supply, alas DODs old power inputs and battery hatch's were absolutely terrible lol, and the footswitches are strange too, the effect itself is great though.





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    • By SumOne
      EDIT: Withdrawn for now while I figure out if I need this with my new setup, message me if you are interested and I'll get back to you.
      FEA Opti-FET Compressor £220
      Good condition and perfect working order. 
      Twickenham pickup or postage at buyers cost.
      I'm selling a lot of Pedals (Pictured below, each has their own advert) so can do discounts if you're buying more than one. 
      My feedback is here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/446834-feedback-for-sumone/?tab=comments#comment-4400336

    • By Etienne
      *NOW SOLD*
      Hi everyone,
      Time to move this on, as I've recently upgraded a few things on my pedalboard. This is in good, gigged-but-not-abused cosmetic condition, and works perfectly.
      It comes with the original box and manual, and has decent-quality Velcro attached to the base.
      I'm now after just £75 for it, which includes tracked UK mainland postage and packing. No trades or offers please! Bank transfer or Paypal accepted.
      More info available on request via PM... thanks for looking!

    • By countjodius
      Owned from new, and comes boxed with manual.  An amazingly transparent, musical and easy to set compressor which I'd definitely hold on to if I didn't need the HPF on my other comp! 
      "Based on the highly sought after THAT Corp. 4320, this has been designed to match any other pro grade compressor for bass. 
       Using real VCA or Voltage Controlled Amplifiers as well as an on board true-RMS detector, the accuracy is incredible and the sound is very transparent.  While other compressors based off of older chipsets can sound great, they lack that studio grade definition and control which bassists need to get their tone. Think of this as a pro rack mount compressor at your feet."
      More info and samples here:

      Price includes postage.

    • By Marky Screen
      Great compressor based on the classic orange squeezer. In excellent condition.
      This is V3 or the pedal, so no DI or grit but has buffer on off switch on the inside.
      Volume, blend and comp controls for easily dialing in your preferred setting.
      Price includes UK postage.

    • By Marky Screen
      One of the best in the biz for natural compression and features for the money.
      Great condition, a couple of tiny chips to the paint only.
      Feet still on the bottom
      Price includes UK postage.

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