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Duran Duran "Rio" Free Bass Tab/Video Preview

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    • By Jay810
      Hey everyone.
      Getting back into playing bass after 20 years, I picked up a friends a couple of weeks ago and jamming with them has rekindled my love of playing music. 
      I need to pick up a bass guitar as I'm using my friends at the moment.
      Looking forward to chatting with anyone who wants to & learning to play again.
    • By Psychederelics
      Hey all!
      We’re looking for an experienced bass player for a 3 piece band (70% songs, 30% jam), stage ready and with own equipment (session players welcome), influences go from Cream/Hendrix/Zeppelin, Funkadelic, Beatles&Stones&Bowie, Janis Joplin, Hawkwind to Kyuss, Jane’s Addiction, Mars Volta, Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, BRMC, Goat, Sleep, Black Angels, Miles Davis, Ravi Shankar, 60’s freakbeat and other chemically/naturally enhanced ritualistic sounds worldwide, both (super) vintage and modern (we’ve got a Drum and Bass tune). Solid jamming experience is a must! A bit of theory is a plus. Drone addicts and shoegazers with a taste for experimentation welcome. Please attach recordings when answering, messages without recordings won’t be replied to as we’re busy as hell!

      The cake here, soundcloudDOTcom/derelics/sets/illusions-of-control/s-z8ocX (replace the Doy by uh, a dot)(the bass sound on the tracks is open to change as long as it fits the arrangement, you won’t have to play exactly this)

    • By ericrupertbass
      Bassist Available, Eric Rupert here happy to travel and Dep. Got great gear, reader, big ears. Electric/Upright Basses I play any styles and all situations. PM for any details and Feel free to checkout my website

    • By lowregisterhead
      For sale is my Thunderfunk TFB-750A head, a fabulous amp with bags of tone, hand made in the US with high grade components. Incredibly flexible semiparametric EQ, preamp switchable between solid state / valve, and a huge amount of power, running right down to a 2 ohm load. In excellent condition, as you can see from the pics. It’s just been fully serviced, and had a small issue with one of the pots fixed, (hence the ‘Job No.’ sticker) and is in full working order.
      I bought it on here last year, and despite its quality and tone, I really don't need a head this powerful. I'm downsizing in general, so I'll be putting a few other things up on here shortly.
      Also included is a 2-U Gator ABS case to protect it on its travels.
      NOW SOLD
    • By OliverBlackman
      Hi guys, just come across and got a place on a series of masterclasses happening in September. Pretty cool to get Laurence Cottle up in the north (probably the best bass player I’ve seen live).
      might be of interest to other northerners.
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