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Duran Duran "Rio" Free Bass Tab/Video Preview

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    • By Simon Horn
      Hi Guys! I'm from Australia though live in Berlin and Bavaria Germany now. I'm a Fender guy mainly but sometimes play a Yamaha BB 5 string. I play all styles though my main gig at the moment is Will Jacobs (Chicago) Blues and Funk. 
      Looking forward to hanging out with you all!  !
    • By lowregisterhead
      Price reduced to £695 with Gator case, including UK shipping...
      For sale is my Thunderfunk TFB-750A head, a fabulous amp with bags of tone, hand made in the US with high grade components. Incredibly flexible semiparametric EQ, preamp switchable between solid state / valve, and a huge amount of power, running right down to a 2 ohm load. In excellent condition, as you can see from the pics. It’s just been fully serviced, and had a small issue with one of the pots fixed, (hence the ‘Job No.’ sticker) and is in full working order.
      I bought it on here last year, and despite its quality and tone, I really don't need a head this powerful. I'm downsizing in general, so I'll be putting a few other things up on here shortly.
      Also included is a 2-U Gator ABS case to protect it on its travels.
      Sorry, but I’m not looking for any trades  

    • By super al
      This is from a gig at Durrington Working Men's Club from February 23rd '19. Durrington is near Stonehenge for reference.
      The gig was to showcase our new horn section and new drummer and we only had one rehearsal as a full band so it has a raw feel to it. This was also the first time I'd played 'Tears of a Clown' live (played a semi tone down in 'c').
      Video was shot but the quality was terrible. Our singer, Kurt, recorded this on his laptop.
      Feedback welcome
      *Made a video of stills to get the mp3 uploaded and playable. Some shots of the band live, some of artists we cover, none of Smokey Robinson!!!* 
      *You don't have to watch the video just close your eyes*
    • By Marky Screen
      Got this in a trade a while ago but hasn't been used much so i've put it up here.
      Come to the realisation that I'm not a funk machine or have the need to simulate operating a bus drivers accelerator.
      Has an auto on off spring loaded wah pedal and 2 modes to switch between normal mode and a more intense, resonant wah sweep
      Price includes UK delivery

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