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SOLD Fender Jazz Unlined Fretless

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With case: £500 without: £450

Up for sale is my Japanese Fretless Jazz, serial number dates it to the early 90's I bought it from Bagsieblue on here a couple of years ago and while I've enjoyed my time with it, it has spent more time than it should hanging up on my wall, and as I'm thinning my collection, it's time to move it on.

I restrung it with black nylon LaBella's when I got it and it's still wearing those now, as you can hopefully see on the photos it has minimal fretboard wear only noticeable in the right light really, and only one or two marks on the front and some buckle rash on the back.
Weighs in at 9lbs using the ever reliable method of weighing myself while holding it.

Collection is strongly preferred especially without case but I should be able to put something together for postage at cost to the buyer if needed. I'm based in Wirral.

I'm not sure if I've forgotten anything, if I have just ask, thanks for looking.

More photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7rhphGRdgR4LTFBTXF5NVdnQUE

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