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I have the above for sale.

Great bass that has served me well the last few months.
(I'll upload a pic of me playing it too)

It's a short-scale bass which makes the fretting even easier for small-ish hands like mine!

The bass is in great condition, and I will clean it thoroughly before selling.

One major point to note is that the previous owner had the neck repaired....standard for Gibson/Epiphone basses and guitars to snap at the neck.

The repair is a beautiful job, and it's almost un-noticable. I had trouble even trying to get a photo of the join.

There are a few barely visible pick scratches on the front and some light buckle rash on the back. There is a small scuff on the front that I'll take a photo of, but nothing bad at all.

Another point is that the truss rod cover is missing I'm afraid. And also, for some reason, the previous owner fitted a left-handed nut on the bass...I was going to get around to changing it, but to be totally honest with you, it's not been a problem whatsoever!

Nice deep and woody tone from the single humbucker, and a real old-skool sound.

£120 including express postage.

I will take either Paypal gift, or I can swing you my bank details. I've sold on here many times, so I'm kosher ;)


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