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The Admiral

Bitsa P bass - full kit, or now selling parts separately - all you need in one box.

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I was after a black/red tort P, as I'd seen Lee Pomeroy with one, but stick a mirror plate on and you've got instant Phil Lynott!

I've drawn this together over several years, with the intention of putting together a great 'classic rock' P, but I simply don't have time to get it done now, so someone else can have that opportunity and pleasure.

I'm not looking to make money, I just want to get as near as possible to getting back what it owes me, so grab yourself a very convenient kit, or the part you need for your own build, and get going!

Included :

[b]The Bass : [/b]

Westfield P copy : great condition, slim neck, really good rosewood board, and good fretting. It's actually a nice bass, as is, and I'd happily gig it as is, as a spare, or in a tough venue. Some very small factory flaws in the finish on the front, (you've really got to look to see them)!and some tiny surface marking of the finish on the back, which is just play wear, and this has hardly been played I imagine. Certainly, since I've had it (3years), it's lived in a gig bag.

it has a nice balance and a weighs in at comfy and bad back friendly 7.lbs 4 oz. Offered at £85.00 plus courier cots

Shallow neck profile.

[b]Pick ups [/b]: Wizard thumpers : boxed, unused, and bought new from the old Wizard company about 3 years ago, before it changed hands.

Paid £85.00 - offered at£75.00 posted

[b]Nut : [/b]Tusq nut £offered at 5.00 posted

[b]Tuners : [/b]

Gotoh GB2 machines : new, still boxed, bought second hand, but unused,on BC. Offered at £55.00 posted


Schaller 3D bridge, used, but in as new condition, bought on BC about 4 years ago. Offered a£40.00 posted

Brand new, as in pre ordered and arrived a week ago ) wiring-bloom by BC's loom legend Kiogon. Orange cap 0.001pf capacitor and splined pots ; great classic rock, or blues tones. ( Kiogon has generously agreed to provide a full support service re the loom, as if the buyer were the original owner. Top bloke, great product) offered at £25.00 posted


Red tort plate : from a Squier P : not a direct fit, but it was inexpensive, and just needs a bit of simple trimming. £5.00 posted

Delivery etc.

Happy to courier the bass, via UPS, but it will only be insured for £50, as that's their limit.

Or :

I can also do cash on collection at a meet up within a reasonable distance of Stafford, or collect from my home in ST20.

However, if courier, I have a heavy duty bass box and I'll pack it very well.

Payment by Paypal or cash on collection.

PM me with any questions.



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