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MIDI Footcontroller, Router & Switcher - rackmount your pedals!

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Hi all,

I am selling a high quality Axess Electronics MIDI system for controlling amps, pedals and other MIDI devices. If you have ever come across the Voodoo Lab Ground Control, the Axess Electronics system does a similar thing for a fraction of the cost and space.

I used this system in my touring rig and it made life very easy. At each venue I only needed to plug in the footcontroller, power to the rack, and my cabinet.

What is for sale:

Axess Electronics MFC5 MIDI Footcontroller - Phantom powered footswitch. Can control a range of MIDI units

Axess Electronics CFX4 Control Function Switcher - Momentary or latching switcher for controlling amps

Axess Electronics GRX4 Guitar Router/Switcher - Passive & transparent audio router with four loops

2 x 10m 7-pin MIDI cables

1 x female-female MIDI cable (used to connect the 10m cables end to end if you need a 20m cable)

1 x 60cm 7-pin MIDI cable (used to connect the CFX4 to the GRX4)


I have drawn a rough schematic showing how I had the system set up. Rather than explain every detail, feel free to post questions on here.

[attachment=171437:Amp Setup.jpg]

Here is an overview of the units:

[attachment=171470:Overview mfc5.png][attachment=171471:Overview cfx4.jpg][attachment=171472:Overview grx4.jpg]

And here are links to the full manuals:




With custom made cables the system cost me around £500. The units are very well designed and are built to last. Axess Electronics, sadly not producing units any more, have a very good reputation with both recreational and professional players alike. Just search their products on any reputable forum.

The units are a little scratched from use but in full working order. I am based near Pocklington in East Yorkshire, but regularly travel down to London.



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Bump! As this is quite a specialised piece of kit I am expecting this to be on sale for a little while.

Any questions please post them on here or send me a message.


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