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  1. Bump! Travelling down to London on Wednesday, can easily take this with me if there are any takers down South.
  2. Bump! As this is quite a specialised piece of kit I am expecting this to be on sale for a little while. Any questions please post them on here or send me a message. Ed
  3. Or you can rack mount your pedals if you want them out of the way. Control them with a rack mount router and a MIDI Footswitch. Or do a bit of both, use a rack mount effects unit and keep a few pedals in the system that are difficult to replicate.
  4. Hi all, I am selling a cover for an Ampeg 810 bass cabinet. This cover may well fit other 810 cabinets. It offers more protection than most vinyl covers. As you can see from the photo it has enough padding that it is able to stand up on its own! The lower edges are scuffed with some minor tears. [attachment=171532:IMG_4039.JPG][attachment=171533:IMG_4038.JPG] I am based near Pocklington in East Yorkshire, but I do regularly travel down to London. Will consider posting, but postage costs will be extra. Thanks, Ed
  5. Hi all, For sale is a 12u 19" rack sleeve with a wheeled, foam lined, flight case and some other bits and bobs. The flight case is custom built and very sturdy. There is a foam lining to protect the rack from shock. For sale: 12u rack and flight case - £175 I would have sold for more, except my Jack Russell had a go at some of the foam. It doesn't reduce the overall effectiveness of the flight case, but obviously it devalues the item slightly. Flight case foam can be bought online for very little and it would be a simple repair. [attachment=171518:IMG_4026.JPG][attachment=171517:IMG_4027.JPG][attachment=171516:IMG_4030.JPG][attachment=171515:IMG_4031.JPG][attachment=171514:IMG_4032.JPG][attachment=171513:IMG_4033.JPG][attachment=171510:IMG_4037.JPG] 7 socket rack mount power supply - £20 [attachment=171511:IMG_4035.JPG] 1u rack drawer - £10 Rack tray and blank panels - £5 each [attachment=171512:IMG_4034.JPG] I am based in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, but I travel down to London regularly. Thanks, Ed
  6. Hi all, I am selling a high quality Axess Electronics MIDI system for controlling amps, pedals and other MIDI devices. If you have ever come across the Voodoo Lab Ground Control, the Axess Electronics system does a similar thing for a fraction of the cost and space. I used this system in my touring rig and it made life very easy. At each venue I only needed to plug in the footcontroller, power to the rack, and my cabinet. What is for sale: Axess Electronics MFC5 MIDI Footcontroller - Phantom powered footswitch. Can control a range of MIDI units Axess Electronics CFX4 Control Function Switcher - Momentary or latching switcher for controlling amps Axess Electronics GRX4 Guitar Router/Switcher - Passive & transparent audio router with four loops 2 x 10m 7-pin MIDI cables 1 x female-female MIDI cable (used to connect the 10m cables end to end if you need a 20m cable) 1 x 60cm 7-pin MIDI cable (used to connect the CFX4 to the GRX4) [attachment=171428:IMG_4025.JPG][attachment=171429:IMG_4022.JPG][attachment=171430:IMG_4024.JPG][attachment=171436:IMG_4023.JPG] I have drawn a rough schematic showing how I had the system set up. Rather than explain every detail, feel free to post questions on here. [attachment=171437:Amp Setup.jpg] Here is an overview of the units: [attachment=171470:Overview mfc5.png][attachment=171471:Overview cfx4.jpg][attachment=171472:Overview grx4.jpg] And here are links to the full manuals: [url="http://www.musicresourcesusa.com/music_effects_resources/manual/axess%20electronics/mfc5.pdf"]http://www.musicreso...ronics/mfc5.pdf[/url] [url="http://www.musicresourcesusa.com/music_effects_resources/manual/axess%20electronics/cfx4.pdf"]http://www.musicreso...ronics/cfx4.pdf[/url] [url="http://www.musicresourcesusa.com/music_effects_resources/manual/axess%20electronics/grx4.pdf"]http://www.musicreso...ronics/grx4.pdf[/url] With custom made cables the system cost me around £500. The units are very well designed and are built to last. Axess Electronics, sadly not producing units any more, have a very good reputation with both recreational and professional players alike. Just search their products on any reputable forum. The units are a little scratched from use but in full working order. I am based near Pocklington in East Yorkshire, but regularly travel down to London. Thanks, Ed
  7. Unfortunately I am after cash only. Ed
  8. This is a well built, solid amplifier with a great tone and trouser flapping power. Serviced at the end of last week.
  9. No longer for sale - I started gigging again and am now using this as a spare. For sale - Ibanez ATK 250 Very similar sound to MusicMan Stingray. This is an incredible bass for the price and it was my first touring bass prior to being used as a backup for a MusicMan Sterling. Slight damage around the jack socket from a drop. The jack is solid and all of the electronics are sound. There is also some buckle rash. It comes with a padded soft case. I am based in North London. Views more than welcome. Thanks, Ed
  10. I can also bring this amp up to East Yorkshire if anyone in the North is interested in purchasing! Ed
  11. AMPLIFIER FOR SALE: US Made Ampeg SVT-2 Pro. Details here: [url="http://www.ampeg.com/products/pro/svt2pro/"]http://www.ampeg.com...ts/pro/svt2pro/[/url] The amp has just been serviced and is, I quote, 'a very well made amplifier'. I am selling because I am not playing large venues anymore and the amp is overkill as a practice amp. It has a great tone and is hands down the best amplifier I've ever owned. The amp has been rack mounted for most of its life and paired with an Ampeg 810. I've never needed to push this amp, it can comfortably handle medium sized venues without PA support with the right cabinet. For larger venues a mic off the cab sounds great mixed with a DI. I am based in North London. I do not own a cabinet any more so anyone wishing to try out the amp will have to bring their own. Many thanks, Ed
  12. The cabinet is now sold. SVT 2 Pro Amplifier still for sale. £800
  13. BUMP it's all based down in London now
  14. The cab is on hold for the moment. But the amp is still for sale.
  15. Been busy for a few months. This is now back on the market
  16. I'm around in York until Tuesday if anyone is interested.
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