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[size=6][color=#000000][font=Georgia]This Bass is in as New Condition, the only thing you could criticise it on, is some very minor dulling on the Scratch plate where your fingers rub, other than that its Immaculate, it was built in Japan in 2010, the Bass has been set up beautifully by a top luthier, every things been done, infact I have never Played a fender with such an incredibly low action, the necks lovely and very comfortable, effortless to play, I have had the Marcus Miller J Retro Deluxe Preamp fitted (£250) by the Man Himself, its lovely, it retains that nice Fender Tone, but also makes the bass so much more versatile, you can get lots of great sounds out of the bass, check out J East at www.east-uk.com or on youtube, it has a New Set of Elite Players Nickel Plated Strings 40-100, I like these great tone and there kinder on your hands and Fretboard, easier to bend, also included in sale is a fitted Bass Centre Hard Case, I also have the Original Electronics, Fender Preamp with the Pots and Knobs, they will be included, so got the option to change it back and could sell the J east Preamp easily, a great Quality bass in Immaculate condition, all done and ready to play, don't hesitate to contact me for further Details and Description on 07825-998034, to see more photos, on Ebay having problems putting them on here or i can email any one interested, got lots[/font][/color][/size][attachment=163110:IMG_5104.JPG]

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