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Amp head cover?

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How is everyone doing? :)

I practically live in two countries (don't ask) which involves travelling back and forth...

Problem: Got a sweet combo in the UK but just a cabinet in my home country (recently sold the amp head I had to buy the sweet combo). I gig in both countries though I cannot afford to buy another amp ATM.

Solution: After a lot of (im)mature thinking, I decided to pull the combo head out. Surprisingly, it surrendered right away without making any fuss.

However being part of a combo, the amp has no top. Can you guys suggest an easy solution?

Thank you!

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How was it attached to the cab? If there are holes at the edges in the top you could maybe bolt on a piece of wood/metal/plastic/whatever with holes drilled in the same place?
Do you have a picture of it?

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