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  1. It's cool as hell, that's what it is.
  2. Can't really avoid it since I live here... might try and be more proactive about actually seeing some shows this year instead of just scowling at tourists.
  3. [quote name='phil.i.stein' timestamp='1338641181' post='1677512'] edit : when i had a crap combo amp, i used an Aphex bass x-citer to beef it up. this pedal doubles as a DI, so is a great little box that you can pick up relatively cheap second-hand. [/quote] I use an MXR M-80 for pretty much the same thing. Very handy to have one pedal that can give a bit of grit, EQ and is a DI as well.
  4. [quote name='TimR' timestamp='1339416773' post='1688054'] I think you missed what I was saying. I'm saying that making up lines is one thing, but making up lines that don't fit with what others are playing because you don't understand how the bass fits with everything else is another. It's not just bass players that do this. Keys play over bass lines, drums fill over vocal lines, guitars add root bass notes etc. There are lots of fundamental bass line approaches. Root. Root with passing notes to next root. Third or Fifth note of chord depending on Inversion. Stay on Bass note while chords ascend or descend and change quality. Double melody. Counterpoint. Play main riff. +others... Once you understand the various roles of the bass then you become more free to mix and match and usually you get more understanding for gaining more experience of playing other types of music (ie don't stick to one genre or only play originals) [/quote] I get what you are saying, the only part I disagree with a bit is that I think you can find for yourself what works and what doesn't, without necessarily having to learn how others do it. I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with sticking to one genre and only playing originals, as long as you're able to produce something you (and whoever you're playing with) are happy with. The approach you've given is a good one, but not necessarily the only one that works.
  5. 12ax7 in the power amp? Is that normal?
  6. [quote name='LeftyBiskit' timestamp='1339247034' post='1685844'] I havent got the TIM to read the whole thread [/quote] But you do have the TIM to resurrect it after more than a year!
  7. [quote name='megallica' timestamp='1339168663' post='1684822'] wur in scotland are ya fae [/quote] [url="http://edge.ebaumsworld.com/mediaFiles/picture/206762/1056757.gif"]http://edge.ebaumsworld.com/mediaFiles/picture/206762/1056757.gif[/url]
  8. My favourite bands to play in have been instrumental 3-pieces because it can really allow you to have all kinds of fun on the bass. You can get away with a really ballsy, prominent bass tone if that's your cup of tea. My pals Vasquez are a good example of this, with the bass right in your face and often providing most of the actual riffs [url="http://vasquez.bandcamp.com/album/ep2"]http://vasquez.bandcamp.com/album/ep2[/url]
  9. [quote name='TimR' timestamp='1339161753' post='1684641'] IMO It's where a lot of young originals bands go very wrong when they say they're an originals band and "We don't do covers." Music is a language like any other and you need to learn the basic words (musical phrases), study the language and know whole sentences and how to use them before you try to make up your own new words. If everybody is speaking at the same time in different languages you get chaos. When you know someone well and understand what they are saying then you can get to a point where you are finishing their sentences. [/quote] I have to say I don't agree with you. I agree that getting to know existing tunes and developing your theory knowledge etc. can be helpful but it can also be a limiting factor. I once had a fascinating conversation with a guitarist friend of mine who said he sometimes wished he could write with as much freedom as one of his bandmates (who was totally self-taught), but he couldn't [i]not[/i] think in terms of theory. As with everything, each to their own. There's rarely a 'best' way to do anything, just a way that works best for you.
  10. I've got one of the wooden-backed ones too. It's good.
  11. Kvelertak. So much fun. http://youtu.be/iDyHhV9UK-4
  12. [quote name='4 Strings' timestamp='1338592359' post='1677116'] so, how do we embed rather than just show typed link? [/quote] I think if you use the "share" link from youtube it'll just appear.
  13. How was it attached to the cab? If there are holes at the edges in the top you could maybe bolt on a piece of wood/metal/plastic/whatever with holes drilled in the same place? Do you have a picture of it?
  14. I think you'll find this is the greatest cover of all time. http://youtu.be/-w-58hQ9dLk
  15. [quote name='Jack' timestamp='1338491923' post='1675452'] Pffffffffffft, those aren't practice schedules those are evil work regimes! Am I literally the only one that picks up my bass as and when to either learn something specific or just generally noodle? [/quote] Nah, I'm similar. I've recently been doing a bit more intentional 'practice' as opposed to just playing for fun, but I usually just end up mucking about with effects pedals instead.
  16. [quote name='Truckstop' timestamp='1338502725' post='1675690'] edit: A thought occurs; how come the pup cavities are black, but the neck socket is natural? There's absolutely no sign of any black in the socket or on the neck at all. Guy must've been a masking tape genius. [/quote] Could it have been painted with the neck in place?? Although then there'd be paint on the neck... Anyway, good luck with this, looks like it could turn out lovely. P.S. Nice shorts.
  17. I've got active EMG pickups (the switchable single/double coil ones) and a 2-band active eq as well. I usually have the pickups up full in single coil mode, and roll off a bit in humbucker mode to compensate for the volume increase. I hardly touch the EQ to be honest, maybe occasionally a wee bass boost but it's usually the mids I want to muck about with and I do that with my pedals/amp.
  18. [quote name='MoJoKe' timestamp='1338304045' post='1672421'] See above! [/quote] It was a joke...
  19. [quote name='MoJoKe' timestamp='1338157766' post='1670313'] Remember the seven P's... [/quote] You take [i]seven[/i] P-basses to a gig!?
  20. [quote name='stefBclef' timestamp='1338156007' post='1670278'] This thread has made me reliase that maybe I should have a spare bass. I only have 1 bass, so I only take my one bass and sometimes we are the only band playing. I guess that is pretty risky right? Do any of you just take the one bass? [/quote] Not only do I only take one bass, I only own one bass. Hasn't let me down so far...
  21. [quote name='bobbass4k' timestamp='1337979503' post='1668418'] Possibly the best lyricist of his generation. [/quote] Agreed. I LOVE Future of the Left.
  22. One previous owner (me). I bought it new so I can confirm it hasn't been used much and is in good nick.
  23. Traded my Digitech Bass Squeeze for Jose's Bass Driver. He couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating, and made it all very easy for me by coming to me to collect it. Would definitely buy from or sell to him again with confidence.
  24. [quote name='pahaeno' timestamp='1337964851' post='1668191'] Small is beautiful! DT-10 first, because it has buffer, then to M80 where signal is splitted. Clean sound from DI to mixing console, and other to distortion fx and to amp. Microphone in front of the cab is SM57, thinking of buying a AKG D112 though. edit: ooops! [/quote] I love it. Gain gain gain.
  25. On the plus side, I've found it's a great way to make friends with other bands if you're able to lend a vital bit of kit in an emergency.
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