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Bassist WANTED for Cruise ship band


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We are looking for a Nottingham based Bassist with experience and a real passion for music to play with a professional 5 piece covers band.

Gigs will be on cruise ships (6 months at a time) Hotels abroad, weddings, functions and corporate events.

If you are interested in an audition please call Paul on 07580 401 068 or reply to this ad

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[quote name='simonjncooper' timestamp='1339027442' post='1682754']
Could you please contact me back its been 4 days now and I don't think anyone appreciates being messed around.

I applied for this weeks ago and heard nothing back. I'm fairly local, and I've played on cruise ships before.

It seems most people who advertise on here are just out to waste peoples time. I applied after 3 adverts last week and heard nothing back from any of them. Not even to say thanks but we've got someone.

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Yeah I know what you mean sol. Iv been trying to get some extra work and applied to many places and had few come back to me to tell me its not available anymore. But what annoyed me about this is that I rang the bloke got through to him had a shirt chat and told me I would have to have an audition and never got back to me and wouldn't answer my calls.

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