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Marketplace Yearly Subscription

£20.00 and £18.00 per year

Create unlimited adverts in our marketplace for a year.

Since launching the marketplace as a paid service in 2012, users have benefitted from an extremely safe buying and selling experience. 

Whilst other forums ask members to have a certain number of posts or have a complete free-for-all, we didn't want to penalise brand new members or become flooded with unregulated adverts from just anyone.

A customer browsing the marketplace has confidence in the fact you have paid a small fee to list your item. There's a reason we're among the best sites to buy and sell instruments in Europe. Even when advertising on other forums or sites, a link to a Basschat listing also helps the buyer trust the item is genuine and that you are a trustworthy seller. 

I addition to buying a yearly sub you'll receive special member benefits and access to competitions and giveaways. Renewal fees have been dropped for those who are resubscribing.

If you have any questions, we're always around - just give us a shout.

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