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  1. Maybe, but there was sales thread before this one that had Antonela Mazza vid and that didn't help. A very niche product I think.
  2. And the Triumph has gone to a new home across the sea! Yita Snakewood bow still available. £130 with case
  3. Thanks for the replies, unfortunately the parcel is oversize for almost every service suggested; only Fedex Freight (£600!) or UPS (£330) can do it.
  4. Hi all, I need a reccomendation for a company to ship to the USA [I'm sure there used to be a sticky somewhere, but I can't now find it]. The box is 33kg, 179x45x31 cm if that helps. Thanks, David.
  5. French bow that comes with the bass: bass in bag: Yita German snakewood bow, selling seperately (with case)
  6. Off to the Bass Gallery this weekend, so if you are interested please say now as it will be on for £2,000 there. Please note that I won't entertain suggestions of 'bringing it back from there so we won't have to pay commission' as I don't think that's fair and it's been here for >6 months so plenty of opportunity in that time.
  7. Bump! It'll probably go to the Bass Gallery to sell on commision if not sold by mid Feb.
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