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  1. I have my Fafner in a 4U Gator case, it's a shallower version at 311mm internal depth and fits really well. I put a vent on the top and one in the handle on the side where the fan draws air into the amp as there was not a lot of room between it and the case wall, it works well and I think it looks cool! However I didn't have any problem with it before I did this or with the old SKB case that it was in when I got it.
  2. I tried Dunlop Superbrights, the Stainless Steel versions, and they have lasted a really long time for me, maybe half a dozen gigs plus playing at home and still sound zingy! which is really good for me at this sweaty time of year! They felt a bit floppy I thought to begin with but I have got used to it and they didn't have the sticky feel that I find some stainless sets have for very long at all. Also tried the Nickel versions but didn't find them to be as good which is strange as I usually much prefer Nickel strings. Oh, and they are pretty cheap too!
  3. It is around 90 lbs, wheels easily though and narrow enough for a two handed lift.
  4. I don't have any means of weighing it I'm afraid and I don't have any low B syrings but I should imagine it would handle them well from the spec. Sorry not to have been more usefull!
  5. Bill Fitzmaurice designed Omni 15 Tallboy bass cabinet, its a 3 way horn loaded cab designed by Bill Fitzmaurice 15" for the lows, 8" for the mids Eminence Kappalite 3015LF and a new Eminence Alpha 8MR and a Piezzo array for the highs. BFM blurb... 20 inch wide, 39 inch high Omni15 TallBoy is stage friendly in smaller clubs, and gives better projection over the audience On average 3dB higher in sensitivity than a reflex box, the Omni uses half the watts to reach the same volume level. The sensitivity from 40 to 100 Hz is as good as most 15 or even 18 inch subs. Compared to factory built bass cabs the Omni has deeper lows, stronger mids and unsurpassed highs. 450 Watts, 8 ohms. Has wheels and handles on the back for tilt back ease of moving! Also comes with a fitted cover. Pick up or meet up only, welcome to come and try it out in Ipswich (Cup of tea also available, maybe even a biscuit!)
  6. From 1992 i think, photo taken, developed and printed by Steve Harris at his house near Harlow.
  7. Roland D-Bass 115x 300 watt powered extension cab can be used full range with a tweeter control or as a sub with a cut off frequency. In excellent condition this can be used with a variety of amps, I have used it with Aguilar, Hartke, Markbass and Ashdown as a boost for larger venues and it works really well makes your rig sound huge! Would prefer a meet up / drop off depending on distance, for a bit of diesel money, or you are welcome to come and try it out, tea/coffee/biscuits will be provided. £200 collected from Ipswich More info here: http://www.roland.co.uk/products/d-bass_115x
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Glad you like it Shawn! The switch changes the pickup wiring from standard (parallel) in the up position, where each pickup has it's own volume control before going seperately to the tone and output jack (like a Jazz Bass) to series wiring in the down position where the output of one pickup goes to the second pickup like one humbucker with coils a long way apart! in which case as they act as one pickup only the neck volume control works.
  10. Chrome faced rack mounting Ashdown ABM 500 bass amp head, 575 watts into 8ohms. Rack case not included. Has been kept in a case so is in great condition and working perfectly. Would prefer collection from Ipswich or a short drive to meet up but I will courier to mainland UK fully insured at cost
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