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  1. Ebenue


    Good heavens! Well that’s not the sort of mistake I’d usually make. I was thinking: until I’ve done [insert Herculean task] no less [than completion of said task will do] …but I can quite see that because the task involved numbers my sentence does not read that way at all! You are therefore correct and I thank you 🙂
  2. Ebenue


    No, you’re right. Number 5 was going to be: Shared onanistic pursuits at 60 hertz: Introducing innovative hand positions for precision release. Discuss. …but I thought better of it. Wouldn’t do to offend on my first day!
  3. Ebenue


    Private Ebenue presenting for duty, Sir! There’s an old man in my garden muttering something about J.R. Hartley, Sir. Requesting: one mower, sit on, old man for the use of.
  4. Ebenue


    I’m currently experimenting to see: if I contribute five times to this thread will that count? Failing that I’m going to ask: (1) Which end do I hold it? (2) Which way up does it go? (3) Why does it have that thingy in the middle? (4) What is the best colour? (5) Progressive attenuation in the studio environment, a light discourse on at what point(s) during the epic journey of the alternate compression and rarefaction of air and its conversion into binary data should said attenuation take place: discuss.
  5. Ebenue


    That sounds like an invitation I can’t refuse, haha! Well, technically I can refuse it, or rather, I have to for the present- until I have made five posts, no less! See you there at length!
  6. Ebenue


    Thanks! Good to be aboard 🙂
  7. Hello from a Basschat newb. I make music with @Frank Blank. The weirdest bass I have ever owned was an Ashbory (DeArmond). I have been playing stringed instruments for 38 years. I like dissonance.
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