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  1. Thanks for the feedback Paul S and SumOne. I didn’t make it to the store today but will pick up the LS-2 tomorrow afternoon.
  2. Hi Paul, I’m thinking about the pro deluxe version
  3. Anyone have/had both? I'll be using on small board for effects switching and some boost - maybe experiment with some effects blending down the road. Small size of LS-2 is attractive but the practical size differences might be marginal when considering the ls-2 side jacks VS Ehx top jacks. Anyway, I'm buying one of them tomorrow so cast your vote if you have one. Thanks.
  4. Lennon9

    Zoom A1 Four?

    Hi thanks for the advice.. Yeah the A1-4 hasn’t gotten a ton of attention, especially amongst bass players, but b/c it’s for acoustic instruments, including “acoustic bass”, there are lots of useful bass effects. https://zoomcorp.com/media/documents/E_A1FOUR_FX-list.pdf) the guitar player in my trio, who has, and has had, lots of pricier gear just got one as a reverb/delay module but quite likes the acoustic modelling as it turns out (tons of eq settings that mimic classic acoustic guitar models) That got me interested in the A1 four, but also peaked my curiosity in the b1 four. As for the trio setup, we are three piece acoustic act with: 1. Bass player, singer (me) 2. Lead Singer, rhythm acoustic, harmonica, and stomp box (faux kick drum pedal) 3. Lead acoustic, singer, mandolin, accordion The pros of not having drums are: easy to set up and tear down, can travel in one vehicle, easier sound check, easier to rehearse. it’s a somewhat common setup where I live and here’s a few things I’ll say: 1. Without drums, should focus on vocals. Lots of harmony! When we rehearse it’s mostly making sure we have three piece harmonies down pat 2. most important instruments are just bass and acoustic guitars. The other instruments are a very fun, cool bonus but not necessary. Vocals most important. That being said, the kick drum pedal is kind of a secret weapon that I do think makes an impact. His is locally made and no longer being made but they’re out there. Here’s the first thing I googled: https://drummingreview.com/best-percussion-stomp-box/ 3. we play some small pubs but long ago focussed on weddings and cooperate parties/events (we r a cover band). A lot more $$$ and much better hours typically that’s all for now!
  5. Lennon9

    Zoom A1 Four?

    Hi guys, I’m suffering with new pedal purchase torment and wondering what your thoughts are regarding zoom a1 four ($169 Canadian) vs b1 four ($129 Canadian). I play bass mostly in an acoustic trio but the occasional show is duo in which case i play acoustic lead guitar. My friend just got the A1 Four and quite likes the acoustic modelling and effects. Upon looking at the Zoom A1 four effects list I noticed there are quite a few bass effects: 1. lots of compressors (although i’ll likely continue using my diamond bass jr.) 2. lots of eq options, some bass specific...also hpf & lpf 3. envelope filter, chorus, octave, synth, and phaser specfically for bass What I’d be missing compared to B1 Four is the amp/cab sims, bass preamp options, and handy presets some of which, at least, likely sound pretty good and are quite easy & convenient. However, I’m also gassing for Broughton HPF/LPF so that adds a faux cab sim (i mentioned zoom has lpf hpf but i like the idea of easy access for making quick room adjustments. So, to buy: Zoom A1 four + Broughton Zoom A1 four AND B1 Four AND Broughton 3. Zoom A1 four and B1 Four (skip the broughton) …that is the question. Current pedals are: Helicon Harmony Singer, Bass Diamond jr, Digitech Polara (would drop this), fender engager boost, radial proDi Thanks!
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