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  1. I'd like to get a consensus of where the deepest part of the scoop should be in a double bass fingerboard. I have a Roumania(sic) 3/4 Double Bass which I am happy with playing slap "old timey" or "rock 'n roll" with EP slaps. Using the strings as a straight edge, I'm measuring 0.117" under the E string and 0.106" under the G string max at around the neck heel. I have also made a 41" string length EUB which has currently got Dominant strings and a completely straight fingerboard, i.e. no gap under the strings at all when used as a straight edge. I'm not happy with this because it often sounds like a fretless bass guitar, which I don't want. So before I get the plane out and tackle the fingerboard, should I copy my double bass re amount of scoop and location of the maximum? Having seen this YT video , Yuri pretty much confirmed my thoughts. A large scoop only works when you are playing in the first positions. Anywhere higher up and the max amplitude part of the vibrating part of the string no longer matches the maximum scoop position on the fb. So you are better off with a small to zero scoop to be able to setup for good playability over the whole length fingerboard. I've now actually taken a plane and scraper to my DB (still thinking about the EUB) fingerboard and improved the playability of my bass enormously. I was always happy with it when slapping gut strings and a high-ish action but not with bowing in the higher positions. The scoop used to be around 1/8" (as per the Chuck Traeger book) but I always thought it was too much. It is now around 1/16" or (<2mm) This allowed me to reduce the action a significant amount in the thumb regions Any one have any thoughts about this. (I got very little response from the Talk Bass forum in the USA)
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