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  1. I appreciate that could be true, but I would add that he wears headphones as ear protection and honestly has never been much for making eye contact. My first gig with him, I was looking at him for guidance. Got none. That all sounds very convenient to my argument but it’s a difficult situation.
  2. Question. Are we as bassists in a unique position to assess drummers? Reason I ask is, I play with a drummer I would say is not very good. He plays all the right notes but has no groove and his rhythm is inconsistent. Very hard to lock in with. Weirdly, no one else who knows him or plays with him shares my opinion on his playing. But none of them are playing bass with him either. It’s possible that I am the sucky one but I don’t have this problem with the other drummers I play with. So I ask once more, are bassists in a unique position to assess drummers?
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