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  1. Has anyone ever converted a Rickenbacker to fretless?, I have a brand new one, and I was considering it, does anyone know if the US a bad idea for some reason? I know the Rick sound is like that sharp attack with plenty of highs. Does that sound OK for a fretless, where you want a kind of smoother sound?
  2. Hi, I live in San Francisco, California. I know this is a European forum but hopefully anyone can join. I joined this other forum on the states and it sucked, they were not a very welcoming, diverse group, to put it mildly. I have been playing for 30 years, sort off.... I took a hiatus for close to a decade, so I guess I've technically been playing for 20 years, despite that I started playing 30 years ago. And I just started playing again, returning from the afore mentioned hiatus. I'm rusty as hell. But since I didn't have a bass anymore , I bought a Rickenbacker 4003, and for an amp I bought a Mesa/Boogie TT, which is a 2 channel amp, one chanel is a tube amp, based on their 400 series tube amps, and the other channel is solid state, their Subway series... and you can put a different FX loop on each channel, and of course can play them one at a time or blend them together. It's definitely the most bad donkey amp I've ever owned, and it may be the most bad donkey amp I've ever seen/heard. (I just went into such detail because I think maybe you guys don't have Mesa Boogie amps in Europe). Also I'm playing that amp through and orange 1 x 12 cabinet and I'm about to purchase a 1 x 15 and eventually a 2x10 cabinet, those probably won't be orange cuz I wanna mix it up somex each can bring a different sound to the table. And finally, in the past I've always played metal and I guess some punk rock too but mostly metal. And I am still playing metal but going more experimental with it this time, something like The Mars Volta or Mr Bungle.
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