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  1. I bought this unit a couple of years ago and never really got the hang of it. It's never been gigged and in fact has rarely been turned on. Music is a hobby only, I am not a gigging musician. It comes with the original box and all the inclusions, It's in vgc and full working order with all the latest software already loaded. There is one slight cosmetic mark on the casing above the foot pedal (which I have just noticed and is annoying ) that have tried to picture but other than that it is as new. I also have a Line 6 Variax Standard (again as new) that I intend to unload if any one is interested. Regards. Patrick.
  2. Hi, I’m interested in a short scale bass. Warwick have released one relatively recently that is built in China and I can’t seem to find a comprehensive and impartial review …. no one seems to stock it but they can get it in … can anyone out there tell me of real experiences with this guitar and any views on the quality of the basses from the Chinese factory. I am currently playing an Ibanez SR90 (long scale) which I like but I have a damaged left hand and can’t use my little finger so I’m starting to find it frustrating with some of the faster stuff I want to do. Also it goes through batteries (it’s active) like nobody’s business so I would like to get a passive bass to remove that possible on-stage embarrassment (I’ve had a few close calls). I play predominantly sixties/seventies rock/pop so I don’t do any tricky thumb slappin’ stuff – I’m looking for a more traditional thick blues bass sound (I know – buy Fender P .. but I just don’t like the feel). Any (positive) thoughts much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I bought an SR900 second hand a few years ago and I gave it to a professional to re-string and setup. I have recently tried to make a few adjustments myself and I have a problem - when trying to adjust the intonation on the E string, the saddle doesn't move but the intonation screw that enters into the back of the bridge moves so that I can see it coming out of the back of the bridge if I keep turning anti-clockwise, and I can see it coming through the saddle if I keep turning clockwise but as I say the saddle itself doesn't move .... it's as if it is locked but as I understand it the B20 bridge doesn't have locking saddles .... well there's certainly no signs of one. Can anyone advise what is going on here and how I might resolve the situation? Also what size Allen Keys do I need for the string height screw and the truss rod adjustment? Also I have just noticed that the repair guy has threaded the string through the back of the bridge, and not through the body as you would expect - could this cause problems? Any help much appreciated.
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