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  1. Eden 115 XL cab

    Bumped again, any interest?
  2. Eden 115 XL cab

    Bump again
  3. Eden 115 XL cab

    Bump - open to offers if anyone interested?
  4. SOLD - Robot Factory Pulse Synth

    Bump - loads of unique synth sounds from 1 pedal
  5. Eden 115 XL cab

    Bump - really great cab, no takers?
  6. SOLD Westone Thunder 1A Fretless

    Price dropped to £125
  7. SOLD - Robot Factory Pulse Synth

    Price dropped to £125
  8. Optical compressor with lots of features including DI out and true bypass, highly rated on Basschat (and bought from here a few years ago). Excellent condition (not a mark on it), has pedal board velcro on the bottom, comes with original packing & manual. For collection or local meet near Liverpool or can post for £7.25 (special delivery tracked) Pete
  9. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Price dropped to £125 [/font][/color] Robot Factory Pulse Synth pedal - "A mid-fi synth effect producing a variable width square wave under the control of an LFO being swept by an envelope follower" - see more description here (this pedal has the fuzz option): [url="http://martoneaudio.com/PulseSynth.htm"]http://martoneaudio.com/PulseSynth.htm[/url] Makes some really interesting crazy synth sounds, not like anything else I've played! Bought here a few years ago and only been used at home since, everything works and condition is very good. For collection or local meet near Liverpool or can post for £7.25 (special delivery tracked) Pete
  10. SOLD Westone Thunder 1A Fretless

    [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1494452063' post='3296198'] The sellers username is "arse purger"?? [/quote] Arse burger actually (see Stressed Eric) - the curse of choosing a "funny" email when you were a teenager and getting stuck with it...!
  11. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Price dropped to £125[/font][/color] Westone Thunder 1A Fretless bass for sale - active & passive modes with one pickup. Serial number 4022275 makes it a Version 2 from 1984 from what I can find. Excellent condition for an instrument of this age - some tarnishing on bridge and pots and a few minor scratches and dinks on the body (see photos). Two very minor dinks in the neck, fingerboard is flawless. Head has one paint chip on the front and has 2 screws missing from the truss rod cover (although cover is secure). Plays well and sounds great - viewing & hearing available in Liverpool. Collection or arranged meeting for delivery to be agreed. Any questions please ask. Pete
  12. Eden 115 XL cab

    Eden 115 XL cab in great condition and sounds superb; 400 watts at 8 ohms. Bought from a Basschat member 6-7 years ago and only had light use since. No trades. Available to view and hear in Liverpool, collection or agreed meeting place (I think it would be pricey to ship!) Pete