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  1. I'm just curious as to whether anyone has tried one of these on bass? As a guitar amp it obviously wont handle the bottom end but I would be looking at using it as a dirty amp. Ive got a big ol' orange 8x10 and ad200b i would use as a clean and split the signal and send my effects, to the bassman. Any thoughts? Cheers
  2. [quote name='danbowskill' timestamp='1373724599' post='2141001'] are the prices including postage? [/quote] Yeah why not, im feeling generous.
  3. Selling a few unused pedals, I dont have the boxes for any of them but they are all in great working order and most have been used sparingly. DOD Meatbox- 125 with the adapter for a 9v power supply- SOLD [attachment=139001:photo(12).JPG] Boss DD6 Delay- 50- SOLD [attachment=139002:photo(14).JPG] Morley dual bass wah- 25 [attachment=139005:photo(13).JPG] Whirlwind Hotbox Active D.I, never ever been used- 70 [attachment=139013:photo(15).JPG] Open to offers though, Cheers
  4. Im sellinng my iron ether oxide fuzz as i dont really use it and could use the money. Its in pefrect condition and sounds immense. Im looking for 120 but open to offers. Message me for pictures. Cheers Adam
  5. Im selling my left handed stingray as i am in need of the cash. Have had it for a few years and has been toured alot and the condition reflects it. There are alot of dings over the body and one of the strap screws has come loose and the hole needs to be fixed. Other than these bits of damage the bass itself works and sounds great. The cosmetic damage reflects in the price as I am looking for 400 but am open to offers. Message me for pictures as i cant upload pics to the thread for some reason. Cheers Adam
  6. Im selling my Matamp 800watt cab as I am in need of the cash. The Matamp logo on the front has a bit missing and there is one of the dust covers missing from one of the speakers but works and sounds great. It is loud and punchy and works great. Message me for pictures as for some reason its not allowing me to upload them onto the thread Because of the damage to the front and the speaker missing the cover Im selling for 250 though open to offers. Im based in Surbiton and pick up prefered. Cheers Adam
  7. These are two great cabs, Matamp 800w 4x10 and Orange OBC115. The orange is in great condition, just a bit of cosmetic wear. The Matamp has i bit of the matamp logo missing which and one speaker has a dust cover missing but other than that it sounds and looks great. £300 for the orange and £250 for the Matamp coz of the cosmetic wear. Will post pics soon.
  8. adz

    Fuzz/blend pedal

    [quote name='GarethFlatlands' post='1202247' date='Apr 16 2011, 11:32 PM']Not much experience with blend/loop pedals but I thought the whole idea was that it would add some of your clean sound back? Is that one of the big silver Colorsound bass fuzzes? I used one at a recent recording session and got shouted down by the rest of the band as it was too much. Oddly enough, they let through an MXR Blue Box at the next session.[/quote] Wasnt sure but thought maybe if i dialed in enough dry signal on the blender it would make a less fuzz more slightly dirty sound. Yeah its the big silver one. It is a ridiculous pedal, a bit too much for some bits unfortunately.
  9. adz

    Fuzz/blend pedal

    I recently bought a colorsound fuzz pedal and it is killer, so much dirt with so much bottom end. As I dont need that much dirt all the time and need just a bit of grit for some songs I was just wondering whether a blend pedal set up right would take some of the killer fuzz away and leave me with just a grit sound or would it literally just add back some of the clean sound? In the later case i guess i will have to buy another pedal to add the grit. Cheers
  10. Basically I have an Orange Ad200b and want the tone from the amp to go through the P.A. I use a distortion pedal and it sounds epic through the Ad200b and my matamp 4x10 but on gigs sound guys never bother to mic my cab and as there is no d.i out on the head they just d.i my bass. The P.A never sounds as sick. Over the last two years with this amp only once has a sound guy ever used the slave out on the back of the head to run to the P.A. I am just wondering if he would have used a standard d.i box or is there something else one would need to accomplish using the slave out? Any help appreciated Cheers
  11. adz

    Pedal Clearout

    All open to offers though. Bump
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