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  1. If you have one, let me know. Shipping to Denmark, IBAN cash waiting. Thanks!
  2. Vintage ones or newer versions, shipping to Denmark should be possible and accepted. Cash waiting IBAN, pm me if you have one for sale. /René
  3. Hello Basschatters, This is a feeler on a possible sale/trade, as I love this beautiful lightweight amp, but consider going back heavy, oldschool and all-tube again. I'm the first and only owner and got it from Bassgear november 2016. It's in mint conditon, has not been gigged and stayed in a padded bag while not played on. It's the version with a Jensen DI, and price includes a padded case that it fits nicely into. Location is Denmark, but it may ship anywhere to the UK/Europe. Trade options would be all-tube heads such as Ampeg, Aguilar, Mesa, Jule Monique, although my own experiences with shipping such heavy and fragile amps are not too good. Thanks for looking!
  4. Sold! CAR Celinder P Classic 4

  5. Sold! CAR Celinder P Classic 4

    I'm not the first owner - got it from Mikkel Skov here and am quite sure this bass had a few owners through the years of its history.
  6. Sold! CAR Celinder P Classic 4

    Hehe - exactly ;-)
  7. For trade MTD Saratoga 5 USA TRADED

    35" scale, and weight?
  8. Sold! CAR Celinder P Classic 4

    No soundclips at the moment, sorry!
  9. Sold! CAR Celinder P Classic 4

    Thanks fellows!
  10. Sold! CAR Celinder P Classic 4

    Cheers and thanks!
  11. Cash waiting, shipping to Denmark will have to be possible though. I will of course cover all shipping expenses. PM if you got one, thanks! René