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  1. I appreciate what your saying Bassassin, and I agree that it's the music history part of it that makes this one interesting. Even the finish, I guess you could look at this one a classic example of home modifying in the 1970s. People are spending small fortunes on basses that have been made to look beaten up. Not one for the conservatoire for sure but for something more punk I like it.
  2. You're not going a million miles an hour with it, but somehow it just works. No chance with a plectrum, way to much rattle. Finger style is good, but there's no digging in with it.
  3. I do like Lake Placid Blue! The neck is really good actually, but at 30" scale with a narrow fretboard it's not for everyone. There's a dead zone on the E-string around the 10-12 fret but i'm hoping that the bridge change will help with that. I really love the sound of it, kind of open and raw, especially when slapped/popped, i don't have the knowledge to make a proper comparison. I agree with Ricky Roli, there's something about this bass that makes all it's imperfections somehow appealing. I'm very tempted to leave the cosmetics as they are and just sort the mechanics out.
  4. Thanks to everyone for replies so far. It seems there are quite a few potentials out there so it''s probable going to remain a bit of a mystery. The string spacing is quite narrow, around 15mm and I'm struggling finding a replacement bridge . Newbie question i'm sure, but does the replacement need to be exact or can I use a slightly wider spacing?
  5. The intonation isn't perfect but it's usable, as has been suggested a bridge change seems in order.
  6. Thanks for the replies so far. Yes it has been stripped, and you're dead right the varnish job is terrible, the underside of the bass hasn't even been done. Here's some close up pics as requested, the headstock logo looks to be the same as an early 70's telecaster guitar logo with Bass added underneath. The patent number does relate to a Fender Patent, I think from around 1960.
  7. Hello Everyone, Newbie poster here, so apologies if i'm in the wrong forum. I've just picked up this short scale telecaster style bass, I know it's not a fender but i'm curious to find out what it is and what you would do with it by way of mods etc to get the most out of it. Thanks in advance.
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