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  1. Hi Christian, spacing is 19mm. [quote name='Christian Houmann' timestamp='1508509332' post='3392685'] Do you know the string spacing? [/quote]
  2. Weight is 3,94kg. [quote name='drums1977' timestamp='1471096553' post='3110517'] What's the weight of that beauty? [/quote]
  3. Thanks for the comments. She bass has very low action on every string from the first to the last fret. :-)
  4. Bump for a amazing bass and a great seller. best regards from germany!
  5. Wow, have a bump for this amazing instrument. The best Fodera 6 that i had in my hands !!!! good luck with the sale and congrats to the buyer ! cheers, Mathias
  6. David, thanks for this amazing Fender CS ! Very serious seller, highly recommended!
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