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  1. Epiphone EB6 Frankenbass

    Pickups have gone but the rest is still together. Do you want it? Send me a message, I m!guy pick it up easier that way.
  2. Epiphone EB6 Frankenbass

    Ok so it seems that there is zero interest in this project so I might just scrap it for parts. If anyone particularly wants it how it is let me know this week or I'll take it all apart. Make me an offer, I'll probably say yes!
  3. Epiphone EB6 Frankenbass

    Oh and I'm in Peckham SE London, postage to uk is fine, though I need to work out the cost, probably around a tenner.
  4. Epiphone EB6 Frankenbass

    Just realised some errors on this post - it's actually an EB-0, Also the nut was one i made from some 'nut' material I bought from somewhere. I spent time getting the grooves exactly right, but couldn't be bothered to smooth it so it looks awful. Also due to EB-0 balancing issues I have the strap up on the neck, old style.
  5. Hi Everyone, Haven't been on this forum in years, and I think the last I was on here was to buy this bass, though it did not look like this then. I got it as a Ephione EB1 but with no hardware, then built it up as an EB1 but with the extra basslines MM pickup at the bridge (which was a schaller 3d4) and a DIMarzio model 1 at the neck. I also moved the controls to the scratch plate so I didn't bash then when playing lefthand. I also hacked at the body to add a bit of contouring so my arm didn't dig in. It was played like this for several years in regular gigs and performed really well. I then stopped gigging and then fancied playing a bass VI. I decided to hack my already very hacked eb1 into a bass VI, and this is what you see here. It works! The pickups aren't ideal but they give a signal and allow you to have a play. Unfortunately this isn't now getting played and as now (as a family, wife instigated) doing a session of KMing (ha) it's got to go. So I'm offering this lefthand EB6 WITHOUT THE PICKUPS for a cheap, for someone else to have a play with. I don't think bass VI's are much available in lefthand so this is a great opportunity. I'm doing it WITHOUT THE PICKUPS as I thinking it presents the best way of passing on a bass I've had a lot of fun with to someone who also wants to enjoy it. They don't really match the strings very well do they? If you want to gig it it you can hack some guitar pickups in somehow, I never got to this stage. It is possible to convert it back to 4 string if you want a very nice sounding short scale bass for cheap, but that will require a new bridge and will leave big holes in the headstock. I might be possible to do this but I'd prefer to pass it on as is WITHOUT THE PICKUPS. ps. sorry for shouting about it being WITHOUT THE PICKUPS, i'm just making sure you know what I'm selling. [attachment=227853:R0020535.JPG] [attachment=227854:R0020536.JPG] [attachment=227855:R0020542.JPG] [attachment=227856:R0020543.JPG] [attachment=227850:R0020544.JPG] [attachment=227851:R0020545.JPG] [attachment=227852:R0020546.JPG]