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  1. That was what made it all the more surprising but yes, you could be right.
  2. I visited my local PMT to try out a Fender Mustang JMJ bass and the first thing that happened was the g-string tuner broke off in my hand as I tried to tune it. It looked like a failed weld when manufactured. Has anyone else had a similar experience as I might need to reconsider if this is a regular occurrence. Or maybe I was just really unlucky - it was the only one they had in the entire PMT company!
  3. Hi Ebenezer, It's 9lb 12oz according to our kitchen scales - I'll edit the description to include this as it should've been there to begin with! Thanks for your interest and let me know if you've any further queries. At the risk of playing mind games with you, I've started to waver a little over selling it so if you're interested, get in quick!
  4. If you change your mind about a sale so you can buy the bass you want let me know - I'll be in Edinburgh next week visiting family (I'm normally in Bristol). Alternatively, and I appreciate this is a total long shot, but if you have any interest in a trade for a musicman stingray 5, that would be of real interest to me. Thanks
  5. Ah thank you sprocketflup - so obvious once it's pointed out but not one I've seen before. And thank you as well to Stingray5.
  6. Even nicer in the flesh. I'm afraid someone will have to tell me what "Glwts" means - I'm normally a drummer and have much to learn about bass players' jargon!
  7. Hello everyone. I only started playing bass properly a couple of years ago having spent 30 years playing the drums; I'm hoping that properly understanding what the drummer's up to will help me be a better bass player. I'd be interested to hear from other bass playing drummers but I'd be even more interested to hear from experienced bassists who have recently taken up drums or want to take up drums - hopefully we could help each other out with our respective expertise. Looking forward to learning lots more about bass!
  8. Price now reduced to £1,050. 2001 Stingray 5 in excellent condition with a weight of 9lb 12oz according to our kitchen scales. There are two small dings which I've included in the photos - one just inside the bridge and the other which is top front middle. Recently professionally set up with new round wounds (would need to try and check model of strings) that still have plenty of life in them. A vintage style hard case (not original) is included within the price and is fully functional. Happy to meet up within an hour's drive or collection from Long Ashton which is just outside Bristol. Also open to posting within its case and would be well bubble wrapped and boxed up. Thanks for looking
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