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  1. A friend invited me here to read his blog, but I keep getting the error message I the photo I’ve attached. I contacted the support a month ago but got no reply. Anybody’s have any idea what I’m doing wrong?
  2. Hello! I used to “play” bass in a band years ago but haven’t touched it for about 15years now. I didn’t play well, I used a plectrum and just bashed at it like a guitar, and I didn’t understand really what I was playing. My band mates would just tell me what frets and strings to hit lol. I play piano now though and my understanding of music is greater than before. I was just wondering if anyone had any favourite YouTube channels that they know of that are easy to understand for beginners to learn from? I could google it buuuuut I’m trying to build up my posts here so I can access a friends blog, I think I need 5 posts and this is my third haha! thanks In advance
  3. I was invited here by a friend to being his blog but I keep getting an error message. I emailed the admin thing but got no reply, I think it might be because I’m nee here and need a certain amount of posts before I can access it but I’m not sure. either way, that’s mainly why I’m making this post, getting my level up on hey!
  4. Hi basschatters! I’m just making a post to get my points up so I can view a friends blog. Apparently I can’t access it until I’ve made 5 posts? So this is number one! Thanks for having me here!
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