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  1. Just to update everyone I found the Orange Crush 50 amp second half for half the new price so hav bought that for now and if needed in future I will look at something bigger. Thanks everyone for your help!
  2. Hi guys just a quick update - I have the chance to buy a second hand Gallien Kreuger Mb112 ii for around €350 and as I have no experience with GK I was just wondering what anyone thought of those amps? There seem to be quite positive reviews online, it is 200W and it can be connected to a powered GK cab to add more power etc but those seem to be scarce enough at the moment and I don't know if it can be connected to any other type of cab. Would I be better going for this at €350 over a brand new Ashdown Studio 15 at €400? The Ashdown is obviously 300w but can't be extended and they are similar weight and size. The GK retails at €510 new on Thomann.
  3. Yea thanks for that advice about asking them to state everything is working I wouldn't have thought of that. I'd be looking on adverts almost everyday. My pedal collection has increased considerably in the last year because of it!
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone I'm still trying to decide what way to go but will definitely be going for 200+ watts either in combo or head and cab. The Ashdown Studio 15 is my current frontrunner but am looking at a few second hand options as well.
  5. I had thought about a head and cab but just think its maybe overkill for something that I will mainly be using myself at home for the foreseeable future? I've never owned anything other than combos tho so probably shouldn't assume. If it did get to the stage of gigs they would not be bigger than a pub I'd say as this is very much a hobby project! And as I mentioned I'm in Ireland where the choice of second hand bass gear is pretty small.
  6. Thanks so much for your replies. I had a bad experience with second hand equipment years ago but I suppose I'm not completely against it. Sorry I should also have said I am in Ireland so can't really buy anything from the UK at the moment due to customs and VAT etc unless it is from Northern Ireland. If I had to go new do you think a 50w amp or around that it is a waste of money considering I'd be spending around €250 -€300 on that and for another €150 odd can get the Ashdown Studio 15 and is a 100w amp kind of in no mans land being a bit big for home practice and too small to play with a full band?
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