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  1. Thank you for caring enough to respond. The retailer I bought it from is stepping up to Maruszczyk and trying to work something out with Adrian. I think they should just take the bass back and offer me a store credit. This truss rod should NOT have broken the way it did. Absolutely not!
  2. Well. I have been in touch with both entities. The Manufacturer stated the bass is under warranty but truss rods are NOT COVERED! I just can't seem to understand this as a truss rod is not like tires on a car, or spark plugs that are subject to normal wear and tear. I do understand that if you adjust the truss rod yourself that it can be negligently overtightened to the point where something is going to break and that the manufacturer shouldn't be held responsible. I can tell you I turned the nut ever so slightly- very small adjustments since I have owned the bass. I cherish this thing and I would never make major adjustments to it- small incremental only. I maintain that I was not negligent and operated the truss rod in a manner consistent with how it is intended to be tuned. The frustrating thing is that it is my word against his. I maintain I was careful in adjusting the rod and that either the installation of the rod or the condition of the rod at the time of manufacture was subpar. He maintains I was negligent and that "I broke the rod", point blank. I just don't like the hard stance he is taking on this. The retailer I purchased the bass from is very understanding and is communicating with the manufacturer on my behalf to try and find some amicable solution. I can tell you that I LOVE my bass guitar, but I will not purchase another Maruszczyk if an agreeable solution is not rendered. I understand Maruszczyk engineers their own truss rods. Of course they are going to stand by their quality, but they can't be so protective to not realize that sometimes they are going to get it right 100% of the time. I feel I got the 1 in 10000 that fail during normal use. Man, I am torn up over this. I love my bass and have experienced pride in owning a Maruszczyk. Sad times!
  3. Anybody have this issue with Maruszczyk basses? It is 1.5 years old and this rod hasn't been turned more than 1/4 turn in that time. Had a slight bow in the neck and I was tightening the rod not a 10th of a turn and the rod snapped in the threads. Anybody have this issue?
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