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  1. Well said James. I feel the same way and hope that Neil reconsiders and maybe even puts out a book at some stage. One of the most under rated players that there is.
  2. Neil, as a bassist and long time fan of your playing I must say that I have found your transcriptions most welcome. I appreciate that you have taken the time to do them and that it must have taken considerable effort. Thank you! I have always felt that your contribution to Whitesnake and music generally has been understated and that you are deserving of far greater recognition. Rest assured you are well recognised amongst hard core fans, particularly bassists. What is put down on paper and the way it's put down on paper is very much, as you have stated, secondary to whether it sounds right to the ear. The views of others be they favourable or unfavourable and everything in between really don't matter. Personally I hope that you do find the time to continue putting transcriptions together and perhaps consider putting out a book at some stage which may, amongst many things, include an autobiographical account of your career and the albums you've played on. Rock on Neil. Kind regards and best wishes A
  3. One of my all time favourite Whitesnake songs. Both versions of this song are great. Thank you Neil. I wonder whether you have thought about putting a book or ebook together which could include these transcriptions, stories from the road, performance notes and instruction. I know I'd be happy to buy it. Kind regards A
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