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  1. Been trying to figure this out myself, how big should the angle at the nut be? I've seen basses with the strings looking sunken into the nut, 50/50 in and out and some where it just looks like it's sitting on the the nut and I'm not sure which one would be suitable. Or does the depth really matter, is it more about the width of the nut slot?
  2. I've tried lowering the pickups and the issue is the same, and the pickup height is about 4mm below the string, which I'm assuming isn't too low? Tried muting the other strings and behind the nut but it's still occurring. I've ordered a replacement nut because I'm starting to think the nut has been damaged from having a really heavy string gauge on it a few years ago.
  3. Hi, thanks! This bass has been through a variety of strings (brands and gauges) throughout the past few years, all with the same issue. Trying to jog my memory to when the issue started, because it wasn't always like this, I believe it could have been when I opted for some pretty heavy gauges, at the time not knowing the nut slots should be filed to accommodate the size. I've since brought the gauge down to a standard 45-100 and the issue is still there, so I wonder if the heavier gauges damaged the nut in any way.
  4. I was thinking it could be the nut but not exactly sure what exactly would be the issue, if the slots are too small or big I don't know which direction to go. Do the pickups effect the sound even when it's unplugged?
  5. So my bass has this annoying extra frequency that sounds almost like a chorus effect, which I can hear when I pluck the strings (though it's more noticeable in the lower strings, especially open notes). It's not anything to do with electronics because it's just as noticeable when it's unplugged. Any suggestions on where the issue might lie? Thanks
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