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  1. Amazing value if they really are available at £9.99: https://www.kennysmusic.co.uk/news/yamaha-sessioncake-guide/ "we are currently selling them both for £9.99 (the RRP is £124)"
  2. I should have updated, already had a Zoom B1 Four delivered so have been messing around with it today. Quite a bit to get used to but some of the presets are definitely good enough as a new player. One thing that I would like to change, is it possible to reduce the aux input signal? I've got a headphone out from a hifi going into the aux in and the bass itself is drowned out - I'd rather not hammer my ears by increasing the bass output level to match the input - can anything be done because I can't see a trim for the aux?
  3. Thanks for the advice and comments, a used Zoom B1X Four also looks really interesting as well, I like the expression pedal, shame it doesn't do MIDI out for other uses but never mind. But first I think I'll see if I can get anything out of the H2N in case it has some kind of use as a trainer. If anything else comes to mind, would love to hear about it. Thanks for the links Skybone + CameronJ
  4. Hi, bass newbie here. Can anyone suggest a small portable practice device that I can use with headphones please? I'm looking for something that can take an audio input or maybe a media card and can be powered by mains as well as battery, preferably. I've already got an amp with a headphone out but I'd like something portable/smaller. So far the most likely candidate is a TU-88 if I can find one, but I've also found Tascam GB-10, Boss Micro BR but I was wondering what else might be available. My understanding is the Vox Amplug 2 Bass goes through its batteries pretty quick. Would love to hear about any other products that should fit the bill. Used is preferred as I'd like to keep the cost down to about £50 if I can. I've got a Zoom H2N I could press into service but I'm wondering if there's something a bit more dedicated to bass that would be a better fit. Any thoughts on older practice gear please?
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