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  1. Bahaha well thank you! I think it makes sense. So like the spectradrive is replacing the amp, and then the Omnicabsim is replacing the cab and I just treat each one as such? Make sense why I’ve been struggling to get like, a nice warm tone!
  2. Hey all, Long time lurker, first time post. I’m setting up amp free pedal board and wanted some expertise to help me make some decisions. As of writing this I have a TC spectradrive at the beginning of my signal chain, the DI taking a clean signal out, and then chain going through a couple effects before spitting out, giving my audio interface the clean DI and the effected jack so I can balance between the two. Was happy with the set up, did a little messing about with the order of the effects but now I’ve done what I’ve always done, I’ve watched a video about cab sim pedals and it got me thinking.. why haven’t I got one of those? So now I am wondering, how would I even add a cab sim? they seem pretty important for an “amp less pedal board” set up. I’m looking at something like the noisemaker omnicabsim.. but is that overkill? I’d then have two DI outs, one from my spectredrive and one from the cab sim. And where would I put that In my signal chain? Would i rearrange and go FX > Spec DI > Omni cab > DI out of that to front of house? this might be an obvious thing to others but it’s totally eluding me aha any comments, suggestions, laughing at my inexperience is totally welcomed (I’m an ex drummer, I’m used to just hitting then drum go bang bang)
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