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  1. Hey Everyone! I recently got a used MB Super synth pedal and have to get as close as possible to the bass sound of "Thriller" in a couple of days! (It's a challenge, right?) Unfortunately, my mac cannot run the editor since that editor works only with 32bit OS, and I had no idea. So I was curious if anyone tried this before with MB super synth - using only presets available on the pedal. I tweaked the knobs and tried different presets, but no chance. Most probably I am missing something. I use a Rickenbacker 4003 with a stereo jack so I can split the pickups, one of them dry and the other one wet (apart from the wet/dry knob on the pedal). Just saying in case it can be an important detail. Dunno! I am not actually an effects person, but wanted to experiment and got excited. I don't own any other pedal that can be relevant, only a SansAmp Bass DI. Thank you for your help!
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