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  1. Currently I'm using a POD HD PRO X and I hate it with a burning passion. I go: bass >>> pod pro x >>> focusrite 2i2 (the DI on this sucks i know) and into computer. I reckon with the POD i could get some decent bass tones but i'll never be able to track it with the focusrite, and in all honestly there's wayyyy too many parameters available to adjust (on a tiny screen with stinky poo knobs) for compression, noise gates etc etc, it makes finding tone so UN FUN. I want to simplify it down without compromising sound (to focus more on creating), and here's where i require some knowledge and guidance. I like the look and sound of the sansamp bass di (the yellow and black one), thoughts on this please. I have visions of running that before and apollo twin or an ID22 interface. I haven't yet made up my mind nor has my bank account. I want to get the most possible analogue interaction with my tones and really feel like I am in control of my sound. For that reason I ask you what DI do you use? and what pre-amp? I understand that not everyone uses a preamp, perhaps you track raw. Personally I like printing at least just a fraction of what i think the finished sound will be when i'm recording, it helps me get in the groove and thats when I create best. I see I'm rambling now but yeah, what do you use and why!? note: It's probably important to mention that Im looking for crunchy vintage bass tones too super clean dynamic stuff, basically im a picky git who needs versatile equipment because I am not
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Euan and I make music under the alias violet electric. I'm a year into bass although I haven't taken considerable amounts of time to properly learn too much as my main instrument is guitar. I make kinda new wave/ post punk, clash meets hendrix stuff or at least i'm trying to. I really like using bass to kind of arrange songs in my head and jam ideas. I feel like I hear a bassline far clearer in my head than any other element when im coming up with ideas and it's really nice now i bought myself a little 90s squier p-bass (which does need new pots and jack lol) to play around with. Also writing on bass is easier for me because I don't really have to consider if a note is major or minor in whatever key i'm in, which I feel on guitar is something that holds me back from playing exactly what I hear in my head. Being a firm believer that sound and experience from music over what is musically correct is a tough life man Thank you for such a warm welcome to the forum i'm sure i'll be sticking around for some time now.
  3. https://www.stewmac.com/kits-and-projects/electronic-kits/wiring-kits/premium-wiring-kit-for-p-bass.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=2020-10-gp&pref_currency=P&shipcalc=UK&gclid=CjwKCAjwrKr8BRB_EiwA7eFapvADpG_OatobK_2TEQGbR3ho-7lHLF0sSeGAx-i5v8r0IAUXhMFMIBoCGT4QAvD_BwE this one has the switchcraft jack socket? is this correct
  4. thank you very much i shall try this today and get back to you here :)
  5. @BassBunny thanks for the suggestions. I am going to move over there and do that now. Out of curiosity what do you mean when you say replace the jack? Unfortunately not I'm up in Edinburgh, thanks though
  6. So basically I bought this bass last month or so off gumtree. It's a 96' 50 year anniversary squier p bass. Had no problems with it at first but over the last couple of weeks it's been doing this thing where the volume - and even a little bit of gain - dip in volume. (It makes the sound very low in volume and also sounds very tone dead, like the pickups have 0 life). So everytime it does this I give the input lead to my bass a wiggle and it'll click in an out of being at regular volume and super quiet until it luckily sits right and I can continue recording again. It's becoming so infuriating and making my recording process a living hell. Also I must add the the input jack sits very loosely inside the guitar. I feel that this is likely the cause of the issue but as someone who's technical knowledge for guitars extends as far being able to change non-bass strings, I have no idea where to start. I appreciate any help greatly
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