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  1. Actually played guitar for a couple of months through a rumble (maybe a 100), it sounded absolutely fantastic.. really tempted by the studio 40, all them bells and whistles are very tempting indeed.
  2. Well... Tried a load out and the squier Jag 32" knocked them all out of the park for me. Got all the sounds I wanted and it was so nice to play, really liked the P basses too but the Jag's neck just felt better in my hands. Tried a talman too which was great to play, but the feel and sound of the squire just edged it. Thanks for all the advice! I'll get some pics etc up shortly.. Need a practice amp now! Really interested in the rumble studio 40 or rumble LT25 as a starter just for noodling with backing tracks.
  3. Really varies, My main players are an American Pro Jaguar and a CIJ jaguar. The AM pro is probably one of the most expensive guitars I own but I have happily owned, recorded and gigged with squiers in the past, I actually have one of the new paranormal series on the way next week. As I'm just learning bass, I'd prefer not to break the bank, if it's for me I'm sure I'll move on to a more expensive instrument, if not the CV range seem to hold value quite well for a resale
  4. Done some in depth research and youtubing, I'll be trying out a squire P (50s and 70s), squier Jag (32 inch), and whatever else they have in stock that catches my eye tomorrow. Love the versatility of the Jag so far, and the slimmer neck profile seems like it might suit my hands
  5. Great thanks guys. I'm a big fan of Paul Simonon, Bruce Foxton and Mike Dirnt, so almost definitely edging towards that P Bass sound. I do play fairly experimental guitar though and quite a lot of country, so would need something that covers that ground too. Would love to make my own London Calling "pressure drop" P bass tribute but looks like squier don't offer a maple neck in the white.
  6. Hi chaps, Long time guitar player, looking to start learning bass. I don't want to spend a fortune on a bass to start out with so looking at either: Squire classic vibe P Bass (Interested in 50s, 60s or 70s - probably whichever has the slimmer neck). Vintage V4 I am willing to push my budget to a Fender Player mustang too if these are really worth the extra cash! I pretty much only play short scale Fender guitars so feel this could be a natural progression for me. Can find loads of stuff on the squiers but not much on the Vintage, I've had vintage guitars in the past and was always really impressed for the price. Also if anyone has any bargains going in the P Bass or Mustang flavour please let me know!
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