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  1. In all honesty I've got some sound out of it, so I know it works! I definitely have NOT insulated it or followed any safety standards, so I will now take it to someone that can make sure it is safe. At least I know it works and I won't need to fork out loads of dosh! Thank you for your huge patience. Chris
  2. I've simply connected the wires that were connected to the speaker in the combo to a jack plug and plugged that straight in to the 'input 'jack of the TE cab and I have 'sound'!.(obviously the other end of these are connected to the two points on the underside of the Peavey amp) It's very crudely connected right now but it seems to work with decent volume and the EQ seems to do what it is supposed to do, so I assume happy days? Thank you, Chris
  3. Yay!!! Thank you so much. I've got a pretty decent sound. Hoo-fookin-rah!! Rock on folks - this site is GREAT! Thank you again Chris
  4. Right - I think I'm nearly there. I hugely appreciate your time here. So... I have a connector wire, attached to the terminals on the under-side of the Peavey amp, with two bare wires left - do I connect these to a quarter inch jack and plug straight in to the TE input? I don't understand where the speaker cable comes in to play. I feel we are nearly there! Thank you so much. Chris
  5. Ok. Firstly thank you for taking the time to respond. I have a wire that used to connect to the BW speaker in the combo - it connects to the points under the amp with plastic connectors but are bare wire at the end that used to connect to the speaker. Are you saying that these two bare wires could be wired-up to a jack? If so, do I connect it to the 'link' or 'input' in the TE cab?. Are the 3pin sockets I mentioned not connectable? I'm sorry if I'm doing your head in! I hope to get something working. Thank you for your patience. Chris
  6. Thank you all for your replies - I'm relieved that it sounds pretty simple. I just need to double check a couple of things before I go ahead. On the back of the TE cab are a 3 pin female point with a jack input beside it labelled 'input' - AND a 3 pin male point with jack input beside it labelled 'link'. On the back of the Peavey amp(separated from original combo) is just a 3 pin male labelled 'Balanced line out'. There is of course two points underneath that had wires connecting to the BW speaker. I apologise again for my lack of knowledge - what do I connect to what? Thank you for any replies. Chris Edit All 3 pin sockets mentioned are round.
  7. Hello all. I'm really clutching at straws here but I thought I'd give it a go before going to a tech which I imagine I will need to do anyway. I've been playing for years but I'm embarrassingly lacking in technical know-how. So... I have the head/amp from a Peavey DataBass 450watt combo - it blew the 15" BW 4ohm speaker years ago - apparently a design fault that happened a lot. I have just picked up a Trace Elliot 200watt 2x10" 8ohm cab. Is there any way of combining these to have something usable? I appreciate any comments/thoughts. Thank you, Chris.
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