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  1. Well, Mrs Flowersdie chose the J and D mini jazz bass which was the only short scale in the DV247 shop, she says it's perfect for her little hands. She got £15 off due to it being a display copy, so it was £80 (she bought a deluxe bag for it too). She is very pleased, they are getting new stock of the other colours in the next few weeks. She has named the bass 'craddock'!
  2. Will also have a look at the short scale SX basses.
  3. Thanks for the replies all, we're going to the DV247 Romford shop next week so she can try one of the J and Ds. She likes the colour of the surf green one (as do I)! She is going to try one of the J and D full size basses too; do you know how they would compare to the full size HBs? I guess similar. She has been practicing on an old 1970s short scale Kay Ric copy (K20-B?), which a friend has lent her, which she really enjoyed.
  4. Hi all, My girlfriend is currently looking at buying a cheap beginners bass and is looking at the HB shorty and the J and D mini. What would you recommend (if at all)? Are there major differences between the two? It's for a lo fi project thing although the band has already been offered their first gig! Best wishes Jeremy
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