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  1. Thanks - I will try phoning them. I managed to write to them and get some parts back in the 90's but I guess that was a while ago when everyone was more patient - at least you had to be if you on the other side of the world.
  2. Has anyone had problems with the controls on a WAL Pro bass. I didn't appreciate just how unique the knobs were until I tried to get a repair done. There are stalks that connect from the knob to the pot and these have sheared off on a couple of controls. The technician managed to repair these by glueing new ends on so that I could at least play the instrument. I can use all but one control were the glued on part came off. I don't know if WAL still supplies spare parts for these. I sent an email but no response. They might just be busy or in lockdown so I will wait and see. I guess I could probably get someone to custom make the stalks. Anyone else had this problem?
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