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  1. Hi - is this still around or did you trade it?
  2. I took me > 20yrs and many guitars to find the neck profile that suits me - I suspect basses would be no different. I have already seen a lot of discussion on BC about nut width thickness which isn't such a big deal on 6 stringers. Plus I have tried tons of pickups but never seen an active one, so there is a load to understand. Obvs the fight against GAS is not going to make this an easy process during the learning phase!
  3. Theres a lot to like about this ... will def add to list to try out - thanks
  4. Appreciated - sounds a good plan. Won’t be long before £1k is less than $1k so I will have to avoid those Sadowskys ... for now....
  5. Thanks for the info - hopefully things normalise soon and I’ll check out The Gallery.
  6. Hi BC community - am hoping you may be able to educate a guitarist who is a long way from Kansas... Am looking to get some pointers for getting a first bass. Just sold one of my 6 string flock and have around 1k to put into a bass - though am more than happy to pay £150 if that makes sense. Am looking to use it to record some jazz / funk lines (assuming have a clue what to do with it) - love the music of Marcus Miller / Stanley Clarke / Stanley Banks / Paul Jackson etc. From my experience of guitars, I prefer to get a nice used instrument so I don’t take a big hit if I move it on - for similar reasons would prefer to avoid niche basses too. I have a MM EVH (since 91’) and cant get rid of it as the neck has the waxed finish and is amazing (tho not so great for jazz) so I would have MM on the list assuming the necks are also waxed. Fender Jazz will have to get a look - any guidance on which are the better series - if they are anything like strats, the variance in px and feel is massive. Other names which don’t feature much in the 6 string world i have no familiarity with - Sadowsky, Lakland, Warwick etc I’d like to get a short list of ones to try out (when that’s possible) and I’d really appreciate any guidance you have. Thanks!
  7. I am rather hoping that some bass playing will improve my guitar playing. 2 less strings will help and being forced to follow the changes for the full duration of a tune is surprisingly difficult for me.
  8. Am learning already! Thanks BB - I was also looking at 30’s too as unsure how I’d adapt to adding 9” to my normal scale use.
  9. Over the years I have noticed I like music with awsome bass lines more than ones with awesome guitar parts. I am more than a little concerned that I may have been playing the wrong instrument for the last 25 years! During lock down, I have tried to record more stuff and am now thinking of playing my own bass lines rather than importing real tracks from BIAB. I have a Henriksen 312 which is a bass amp being used for my guitars currently, so just need a bass now and figured I would try and learn a bit from the wisdom here to make the right call. Also, I have no idea how to play bass, so might need to dig in to technique concepts too. I play jazz mostly and watching Stanley Clarke playing School Days was another reason to consider venturing into the world of 34inch scale lengths!
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