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  1. Cool, thanks for the recommendations! The Hal Leonard Bass Method book is what's on aimusiclessons.com. Glad to hear it's recommended, I'm having a blast so far.
  2. I'm still at home from covid distancing and pretty bored. I'm looking to pick up my bass and actually devote some time to learning instead of casually playing songs here and there. What are the best online resources for learning bass? Preferably free, but looking for ones with some structure over random YouTube links to keep me focused. I thought it would be great for the community to put together an ultimate list of learning resources for newbies. I'll kick it off with a few sites with lessons that looked reputable: aimusiclessons.com: this site's free and has the books I used to use when I took private lessons. Looks like it listens to you as you play and gives you tips and feedback on your playing which is pretty cool. yousician.com: same kind of thing as aimusiclessons but looks more like a video game. Paid site. Looks like the free trial requires a CC. Looks alright to me. fender play: cheaper than yousician but doesn't have the interactive listening/feedback thing. Has lots of songs though, but I can get those elsewhere on the web for free. Has anyone tried any of these? Are there ones I'm missing that you would recommend?
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