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  1. JohnJohn

    Hi All

    Hi, Thanks for the warm welcome, I really wasn't expecting that, much appreciated. Advice heeded, you all made interesting points which I look forward to putting into practise. It's daunting, with so much new information, but I'm really enjoying it, such a buzz! Thanks again
  2. JohnJohn

    Hi All

    Thanks for having me on your forum. I'm a 57 year old guy living in London. Listening to music is a big part of my life but, I've never played a musical instrument and, honestly, I don't have much musical ability. I heard a guy on LBC telling James O'Brian that he 'escapes' each day for an hour to play bass along to the Stranglers, that made me smile and the next day I went to Argos and bought a cheap & cheerful bass kit. The following day I signed up for online lessons at talkingbass.net. Bottom line, my fingers are sore, I'll never play like Jean Jack Burnell but I'm having fun. A couple of questions please. My hands are small, I can't stretch across from fret 3 to fret 5 without moving my hand. - Is that ok, am I starting a bad habit, should I be looking for a bass designed for smaller hands? Obviously, men and women play well with hands the same size, or smaller, than mine so what's the answer? When will woman start throwing their knickers at me? Thanks in advance, mush appreciated.
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