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  1. Hi everyone! I am in the process of setting up my own company making custom bass guitars. I've been wanting to do this for years now, and I want to do as much research as possible! For the record, this is not me trying to plug my company or products, I am conducting some much needed market research :) Anyway, something that is important to me is ethics and sustainability. I know that many timbers used in guitar making come from dubious sources but they are usually the kind of woods that really look amazing. I personally feel that these woods only make a minimal difference to the overall sound of an instrument and there are lots of alternatives that sound just as great. I want to get your opinions on this subject specifically in the guitar making industry. I think the easiest way is for me just to put down some questions and let you guys go nuts. Have you ever thought about where the wood comes from for instruments? If a wood looks amazing but came from an unethical source, would it bother you? Would you buy an instrument from a company that refuses to use a certain timber? How important do you think the wood is to the overall sound of a bass (i realise there may be many, many discussions about this on here but can we keep it specific to exotic timbers vs native european timbers?) Do you like decorative timbers, or prefer a more simple aesthetic? Thanks in advance guys, all opinions are welcome and appreciated! Danny
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